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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Been messing around with neon wording in After Effect today. The wordings are not static but moving. Like there's life to it. haha. Oh, Robin Hood drop by too. :confused12::thumbup::clap:

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Ok. This is probably the hardest one I have ever done in term of special effect in AE. I've delayed sharing on here cuz I've sent in to my lil sis first. Anyhow, I finally found the right kind of music to go along with the slideshow that I did. It's more of an instrumental but I think it goes with the slide 100%. The next step is to do some live action kind of scene like with video instead of pictures. I'll be testing it out later this week to see how it goes. Once, I can get that done, I think I can do a real life commercial. haha. We'll see. I've got all of the cinematic coloring already for different styles and looks.

    Maybe with the future, I'm looking to shoot a small fashion show or some sort and put my finishing touch on the editing side of it. In this day and age, social media is the equalizer to the big name brand and stuff. If you can present your stuff on these social platform with sophisticated video files or even live video. I have seen various channels on Youtube live stream. I've been thinking about this for a long time. Instead of releasing a new line with some pictures, how about releasing it with a video instead. With top notch editing and color correction. I have not seen anyone do it yet in Youtube. At least, I haven't seen it yet. haha. I'm not talking about anyone in particular but I have been thinking about this concept for a while now. Well, if I was residing in the same city as my lil sis, I would be up for it. Maybe in the future. I know there are plethora of brands popping up in BKK but it would be great if they were feature in a weekly episode. A mini interview with the brand owner and stuff. It'll be sophisticated not some boring sit down interview. More on the move kind of stuff. We shall see what the future hold. Gotta trust in the lord as always.

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    This is my latest creation for my sister's clothing brand. I'm starting to experiment with putting video footage onto my work. Improving everyday. haha. This is a short promo. I made a longer one but will use it later.

    I was jamming to this one beat online while working on stuff. The words just kept coming so I just flow with it. A smooth R*B kind of beat. :p:confused12:;)

    Baby girl/ this is how/ I've always roll
    I'm writing/ to you/ to let you know
    Are you the one? I can let my love grow.
    Are you the one? I can love til I'm old.
    Baby girl/ That's why/ I've been takin' it slow
    Your pristine smiles /they glows like snow
    I'm writer, fighter, /like no others
    Crush a lot, faithful to the one I love
    So are you the one from the star above?
    Or are you like the others from the club?....

    There's more but that's for another day. haha. Keeping it light and smooth.
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Ok guys. I had to take a couple of weeks off due to family reasons which I will explain. And I spent some time alone reflecting on life in general. After my mom and my step dad came back from visiting the homeland, my stepdad got an infection on one of his fingers. It wasn't from the trip but to a freak accident. Somehow, he poked himself in the finger and it got infected. His diabetes complicated things even more. He should have went to see his doctor right away but he just thought it was a routine cut. To cut things short, he ended up in the hospital a week later with a big bacteria infection. They were going to amputate his hand but they were able to push the bacteria to the initial finger but that initial finger they could not save. :(

    This just made me appreciate life even more. For the past two to three years, my walk with GOD hasn't been strong at all. I haven't even attend church at all. It's just so that I'm driven to achieve and accomplish something. More like I felt like I had to live up to expectation. What expectation? Since graduating high school as the Valedictorian and voted as likely to succeed, I have had this large stone on my shoulder. I always felt like I had to achieve a certain kind of achievement to merit those quotes. As I got closer, my happiness started to shrink lower and lower. Probably the stress and pressure I put on myself.

    As I begun to shift focus to a new career, I've found myself on the same destructive path. From now on, I'm going to give that stone to GOD and just enjoy the ride/journey. I have to trust GOD and let him lead the way in everything. Career, love, etc. Also, I need to pray to GOD on a daily basis as I rarely to talk to him about what is going on in my life. I have not shared this with anyone before.

    Anywho, I made this promo for my lil sister's brand. Kind of new concept that I saw the other day.
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Ok. I'm back after taking a 2.5 weeks off. I needed that time to reflect and gather my thoughts a bit. Anywho, I'm planning on working on a new concept for my sister's clothing brand this weekend. Just bought some new camera gear almost 2k worth of stuff. :) For the past two weeks, I've been helping my friend with some special effects in his new web-series that debut online later this month. It's not some fan made like of stuff but high quality kind of stuff. For me, the experience is valuable in itself. One day, I wanna produce my own web-series and produce it for Netflix and stuff. On my web-series, it won't be a Star Wars kind of theme but more of a serious drama. You know based on a true life event. :rolleyes::confused12: I wondered where that true life experience can from? hahah. :angel10:. The way it is setup, it is like almost the perfect lakorn I would say if anyone is into Thai drama. haha. But the ending have not been determined yet.

    I can see it now. This guy quits his corporate job so he can persue his dream of producing/directing TV series. He somehow finds himself writing on a forum using a funny screen name and .... :pbabysw:clap: I can't give out all the details, someone might steal my story-line.

    Anywho, if anyone is interesting in getting a preview of what my friend have been directing so far. He is the one with sunglasses on talking.
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Ok, I'm back with a new promo for my lil sister's clothing brand. It's almost summer time so I went with a summer type. Might have to make some minor adjustment because the slides on part of the promo went a little to fast. >.< But overall, I like it a lot. Not to flashy but colorful indeed.


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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Ok, guys. here is another rough draft that I did for my lil sis's clothing brand. It's a summer vibe and colorful in deed. Still rough cuz it's not the finish product yet.

    Ok, one more thing. The reasons I haven't been posting on here much is that, I have been writing and about to shoot a short film for a contest that I am about to enter. It's the same one that I've entered last year but didn't win. However, I have learned from last year mistakes and I am making sure they don't happen again. This is the promise I will make on here and to my lil sis. M***, if I win this contest, you will see what your big brother looks like. I will reveal who I am. As the lord is my witness. Let my yes be yes and no be no.
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Here is my latest creation guys and gals. This is a new promo for my little sis's clothing brand. Simple but unique. I went with a lot with the Miami Gain look. Like those Miami film. Very bright and colorful. Plus, it's summer time.

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    I did a party theme kind of intro. Well, it is summer so why not have some fun. Miami style colors. Premium brand deserves premium style promo. haha. Be that fun premium brand I guess. :aaaaa:

    Gotta feel the glow so you can shine.
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    A little update on what I'm doing at the moment. I bought more software tools to help with my work even more. I'm not just working on titles and working but I'm doing a little more special effects and transitions. I think I'm at a point where I am somewhat confident in my skills that I can start promoting my work more now. I'm slowing getting my name out there. In the past, I have been working predominately on still photos but now I'm branching out to videos. In addition, I'm going to be adding more unique transitions and a little flare into them. So stay tune. Plan on releasing a promo later in the week.
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Here is a preview to what I did today. Not the finish product nor is it a video. I'm still shooting the video and I need more clips to make it a real video promo. Any who, I was inspired by Pirate of the Caribbean. You can't have a company name that was inspired by pirates without having a pirate kind of intro. The gold lettering on the name symbolizes gold treasure.

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Was working on something for a client of mine but I had to make this for my lil sister's clothing brand. I might make a minor adjustment in my next update. Hopefully, I will be able to release my own promo that I have been working on. I just want to make sure it looks professional and unique. haha.

    Been itching to write some poetry for a while now but the words just didn't flow until now. Not a swipe at no one in particular cuz I'm just flowing with it. Life is like a journey and those experiences enrich our lives even when in great disappear. Sometimes, life could be stormy but so too that will pass and the sun will rise again. :)

    These tender heart almost bought me down
    But I came around
    Those tears I've shed while laying in my bed
    Are now in this song
    Gonna do what's right for me baby

    I could have lost it all for being so naive
    Now I don't think of you
    Your memories makes me blue
    I took the time I had to make my dream come true

    Rollin' with Shiver Me cuz they're oh so kool
    Number 1 brand in Thailand cuz we don't like #2
    Partnerin' with the No.1 retailer (SOS) who would have knew
    I Left it all behind to create something brand new
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    I didn't know there was something as VVIP. lol. Must be super VIP I guess haha. :eek::risas3: Anyhow, I think this is my best work so fast. Still learning so many things. The intro is basically a MV intro. That is what's popular right. The flickering with the drum beat is what's in. Just started to learn how to edit modern MV. Oh by the way, the music in this project is one of the song trending right now on Youtube. The song is garbage (lyrics) but the beat is awesome. Everything is custom made in this project. Even the text message. haha.

    I'm going to be experimenting with small IG clip soon. I'll see how it goes.

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Ok. I'm trying to combine typography with some animation. Looks all right for a first try. Might expand on it on my lil sis clothing brand. Might add more things beside butterflies and pixie dust.
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Here is a new concept I've been working on. It is called double exposure. You have your primary picture and then you expose it to text or another picture. Very nice concept. Very nice for a poster and stuff. It looks kind of rough because it's my time time attempting at it. Plus, this was done in after effect not Photoshop which I'm not good at at all.

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Something new and hip-hop inspiration. I think I can use this style in a MV shoot in the future. Just something I have been thinking about concept wise. I can change the background with different graffiti and colors.


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