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Discussion in 'Artworks' started by CTR, Nov 28, 2016.

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Lately, I've been working on the double exposure concept. In doing so, I came up with a reverse exposure effect. I did one for the tree and each for the texts. Used my lil sis as the subject again. I thought it looked good. Reminded me of a horror movie I think. Lady in the wood type style haunted movie. Sinister like I think. Could be a movie poster. haha. Well, halloween is coming up.
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Ok, phew....I'm been working on something very different for the past two weeks. My brother-in-law is a game developer. His degree is game design especially app for phone. It's been two weeks and I finally figure out how to do this concept or so I think I know. haha. It's kind of rough and it's just a demo. Not the finish product yet. I would need a big green screen and good light so I can key people out of the background perfectly. As usual, I've cut out a pic of my lil sis to see how it goes which I did a terrible job at it. hahaha. The select your fighter screen needs more work. Hopefully, I can get a better working one towards the end of the weekend.

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Update on what is happening. I just saw a MV on gmm. I liked it. Was warm and melodic to the ear. Hopefully, I'm able to film something this weekend. I'm not putting any touch on the MV because I thought it was done well. Not over the top just simple and elegant. I'm going to film something and display a more hip-hop style of special effect and edit. Very cutting edge kind of stuff. Hopefully, it turns out ok. Music is art. Editing is art. Filming is art. etc. Been busy studying and learning from the master of editing here. hehe.
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    A little update on what I have been up to. Shot a couple of scenes on for my editing MV mashup but I didn't have time to do it yet. I was offered a good amount by a client to come up with something special for their wedding. So I went and asked a friend for help because it was something that I have never done before. Due to it being private, I cannot post it up here but I am working on an alternative on my lil sis clothing line. Castle kind of theme. Will see how it goes. Did the opening scene and book cover. I know people like to read books so why not do it as a book.

    Preview but yet finish product because I have to work on a couple of the pages.
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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Ok. Here is my rough draft to the book project I was working on. Took about 8 hours to render the whole things. I'll be making some adjustment to it but it looks pretty good. Oh, I didn't put all of the sound effect in yet. Very good story I tell ya.

    I'm aiming for something like this for footnote.

    "Life is like a journey. SH**** M* wants to accompany you on your journey during your peaks and valleys. Because we too have experienced those trials and it is through those trials that we share a common experience. "

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    CTR The Realist guy here period

    Here is the final outlook on my book project on my lil sis clothing brand. I did the thing over and it's not in a castle anymore but somewhere nice and relaxing. Redo some scenes and put some music into. Might be a book 2 later on ahaha. Took 24 hrs to render this whole scenes. >.< Enjoy


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