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I was hoping some of the girls here could save me sometime before I have to figure it out.

Is there a way to buy cheap cosmetics?

Let's say I'm interested in MAC cosmetics...

Is it cheaper to buy online vs. retail? If not, what's the benefit of buying online? Save gas? :^P

Let me know the secrets of girl shopping please if you can. Otherwise, I'll have to investigate myself.



Mrs. Kim Junsu
Imma big fans of MAC make up. I usually go to the store and buy it from there cause online most of the time the colors kinda off either too dark/light. Your best bet will be probably going to the store and have them try it on you. Some other Cosmetics are good too but sometime its really depends on your skin type and the brands you like.
If you buy online you will probably have to paid for shipping too so that will probably be the same amount as your gas money.
If you know someone that work at MAC thn you will probably get big discount on your Cosmetics but if not then its a BIG NO..LMAO
Dont buy from EBAY most of the time the stuff from ebay are fake. :lol: My sister work at NORDSTROM so i usually gave her money to buy it for me. GOOD LUCK DEAR.


sarNie Adult
Good cosmetics means: MONEY. I've thought about buying online, ebay, or just anywhere for cheap, name brand makeup but then there are the pros and cons in doing that. I agree with AsianFemale. So if you really want MAC, then invest your money on it. I'm sure you'll love it, because I sure do! Or maybe wait for sales?? Sometimes they have makeup sales [but not often]. And when you do purchase "expensive" makeup brands, try to use not so much, so it'll last you longer. :)


Buying online or buying in store, MAC's prices are still the same. However, MAC does a friends & family sale two times a year (March and June) for online purchases and takes 20% off. Those are usually the only times that you'll get MAC for cheap. Although there is a shipping fee, they do offer free shipping up to a certain amount you spend, I'm not sure what the limit is for the US but on the Canadian website it's $60.

I'd suggest going to the stores whether it'd be MAC, Sephora or departments stores, to get a first hand look at see what you like and then wait for a their online sales. Sephora is having a F&F sale starting Oct. 19 and the code is FF2009. This is a good deal especially if you're into high end brands like Dior, Chanel, Guerlain, YSL, Make Up Forever etc. which usually ends up costing an arm and a leg :^)


Wanna-Be เจ้าชู้
Thank you ladies.

@AsianFemale - I was about to purchase online because tweeting some friends said it was cheaper to buy at the MAC online store if I wasn't in a rush, but may end up breaking even due to the shipping. But to be honest... it's not for me. The request is for a friend overseas who has given me the colors and items she wants. So you still recommend I go into the store huh? The thing is... I couldn't tell whether the colors were right or not anyways since it ain't for me. :^(

@xox - I personally know some girls who like to trade / sell on ebay. Very WEIRD. But I guess it's cool to try new stuff for less as these girls tell me. (i don't understand it myself) I'm all for the no make up or just foundation peeps myself. :^P Yes, use less is better and lasts longer.

@Sugar - Thanks for true low down deal. Your information was what I was looking for exactly. I saw your blog and laughed how appropriate to have you answer the question. Miss Mac Expert aye?!! 555 I know who to ask for further questions if I need anything now. 5555

khop khun krup ladies for your insight!

Feel free to CLOSE this topic moderators. ;^)
i personally prefer to purchase all my cosmetic products in-store, as opposed to online...well, for one, it's like a few blocks away from where i live, and when you buy it in-store, then you have the opportunity to test things out. also, you'll save yourself the shipping and handling fee.


sarNie Adult
There are very few legit places to buy Mac products for a discounted price. I wouldn't trust most of them, if it's too good to be true it probably is. You'll end up with a knock off.
It's all preference. Not all expensive brands are good. Sometimes the quality is about the same as drug store brands but you're paying for the brand name and packaging. Not all inexpensive brands are bad quality either, it's just a matter of trying things out and see what you like. There really aren't that many cosmetic manufacturers out there so when you actually stop to compare product and ignore the brand you'll find that a lot of these products are similar, that's because they're probably the same but packaged under separate names.

But yeah, if you're not familiar with the brand it's best to just buy it in stores that way you can see what the color really looks like and even test it out.


Sticky Rice
There are a lot of alternatives other than expenseive brand name make up such as MAC or Urban Decay etc.
I would recommend Coastal Scents, Manly, Ben Nye, even NYX which are make up brands that are at a reasonable price, and the quality of the make up is just as amazing.
Though if you are looking for brand name make up and is reluctant, I would suggest you could always try to order some samples or some sort.


sarNie Hatchling
Been wanting a Mac brush 187 for like a year now and just got one today!!! So excited to use it tomorrow!!! :D


sarNie Egg
Well buying online is for convient.

If you want to buy make up for a decent price, just wait for good sales. That is what I usually do.