Channel 7 Diary 2019 calender


It’s all about having connections with the right people. Some people that are super famous are talented and deserve to be at the top but others I just look at them and think “how in the world have they gotten this far?” *cough* Peak *cough*
I just think, oh well, someone out there like them I guess. Lol


Oh man....I can't... I about give up on thai lakorn in general...

The new generations boys are lively and charming . Kem and euro

...but their focus is mostly action lakorn
Yeah, I don't really watch lakorns anymore unless the plot sounds intriguing.


Extremely in love with Phet Thakrit <3
Wow, this might be the first time I've watched anything behind the scenes from ch.7, lol. Everyone looks pretty good.

c ch7hd


sarNie Oldmaid
Stephanie and Mike would make a cute pairing, so will Sammie and Mike. I really want to see Bow and Mike pair up again!