Chakrit and Jakajan are put off engaged day


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Jakajan says the reason because they are both so busy.

What do you gals think?


I dont know..... I think...... neither things come up...... like they may be too busy..... or they both relisze that they need to take a slow.... get to know each other a little better......


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damn the announcemenet was BIG and a schOck to everyone and now ish put off to the side....UmmmMmmMm/////sUmthing's not right...


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Did they already shoot the lakorn together? If it is a stock lakorn that is about to air then maybe it is a publicity know to boost the ratings up a bit...but I doubt it. Chakrit seems to fall in and out of love pretty maybe he and Jakajan decided to take it a little slow because they did hit us out of nowhere with their engagement.

They are still engaged because he did ask her to marry him...there just hasn't been a's probably still on. We'll see.

TOO BUSY??? :loool:


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i'm so shocked i'm not shocked any more...if they did to promote their lakorn, that just sucks!!! that's all i have to say to that.


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hey what lakorn did she play in? Was she the nek or the nang?
i think they're both too hott to handle an engagement lol dont even know whos the girl but chakirt seen some of his movie what a hunk haha!! its typical for two hott actors too put there engagement on the side!! not surprised!
i don't think it was a lakorn promotion...i think that they realized they took it too fast; or maybe they announced that they were getting married because they THOUGHT she was pregnant, but now it turns out it was just a scare, and she really isn't, so the marriage is off...they wouldn't have lasted long anyway...i think they're on the road to breaking up right now...