[Ch7] Hua Jai Teuan (Samankarn Lakorn)


sarNie Egg
I hope Sammie or Benz punyaporn is the nang eak.. I want to see him with Kwan too but I think it's too early because jao Sao salatan just air..


sarNie Adult
It's nice seeing him getting work! He's a handsome guy! I don't care who the nang ek is, as long as she's a good match!


♥Korean Obsessed♥
I'd love to see either Sammie, Now, Chat (Thi) or Benz Punyaporn be his nek.


sarNie Hatchling
i want to see him with kwan again..i know its too soon since jao sao salatin still on air...but they have good chemistry...i loves them together...


Yaaaaaaayyyy I am hooked on KwanOm. Omg omg I can't stop smiling omg bwhewh


♥Korean Obsessed♥
I was hoping n'ek was someone else, at least with someone that he's never been paired up with before. Kwan does look pretty though.


sarNie OldFart
cute...hopefully it end of the yr...or nxt yr ...i don't like seeing same pairing too early back to back...they are adorable...hope to see him w/sammie again 1 day


sarNie Juvenile
lakornsrok said:
is it really confirmed Kwan!!??
No, they haven't confirmed it but Kwan is sure the n'ek.
Just look at the people she has take photo with, it's all from the fitting of this lakorn.
I don't know why ch7 haven't reveal it yet when everyone know she was the n'ek..'shakehead'