[Ch5] Nam Kuen Hai Reab Ruk (Exact)


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In a recent interview with thairath, Pong says that he will do 2 lakorns for Exact. Someone posted at pantip that this lakorn น้ำขึ้นให้รีบรัก / Nam Kueng Hai Reab Ruk is one of them (person got the info from twitter @ TonoGrace_Home). View and Grace the Star will star alongside Pong. The opening ceremony is supposed to be November 21st.



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is it just me or is it they make it seem like Pong is the only praek at Exact...c'mon now...time for some other faces


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I was laying down comfortably on the coach, but when I read the names, I literally sat up !

I wanted them to do a lakorn together !!!!!
Hope its true !




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it look like pong is the only one khun boy favourite praek in exact,i love pong but khun boy have to give other exact actor chance to play as a lead in ch 5 example like pepper it about long time he dont play as praek anymore.


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Wow. Do they confirm this on yet can wait.


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Yes! I been waiting for Pong and View to have a lakorn after they did the mag shoot together...they look hot.

I hope other Exact actor will get to be p'ek, instead of using Pong often.



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dang he has lakorns left and right indeed!!
pong & vill eh.. interesting... keke..

but i agree with thip.. exact needs more p'ek big time!! they're super limited..
i want to see more captain, pepper, & puri!!!..
i would also like to see p'bank have his own lakorn as well ehehehe..


Navin Tar , he will play for this drama, too.
Fitting/First shooting time is on 21st November and will on air after Kularb Satan.


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Thanks jakjann for the update.

Wow they haven't even star filming this yet and is going to air after "Kularb Satan". That is so soon.

I can't wait to see photos.


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Navin Tar , he will play for this drama, too.
Fitting/First shooting time is on 21st November and will on air after Kularb Satan.
Are you sure this lakorn will replace kularb satan. Omg I though likit fah ta cha din is replace kularb Satan. likit fah should replace this one cuz their shooting this first. Anyway I can wait cuz I will watch both this one and likit fah eighter on both.


Likit Fah Chata Din must stop to shoot because of the flood victims in Thailand....

Pantip site wrote that this drama will in air after KLST.


♥♥MikeƸӜƷPle♥♥ khun yai♥pin
Oh really damn I was waiting for this one. Anyway so where did pong and view lakorn go shooting why it have to airing so soon. Just open ceremony on nov 21,but already airing for like next month only. Not a big deal it might good cuz I hasn't watch ch5 lakorn for long time. I think I like their lakorn n the way they cry it alway make me can not control my tear.I mean after I watch kohn tueng done I feel like their acting cry.


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Hope Exact can guarantee this lakorn's quality since they make it so fast, I can't believe that they let it airs after Kularb Satan :nailbiter: