[CH5] Mia Mai Chai Mia (EXACT)


You're Average Person :)
I know Guy is really cute...I'm starting to like him, but he's only 20 and he's taken...his gf is Haru...the girl that played in the movie Sorry Saranghae with him and she's in Rahut Torrachon, the girl that plays as Tah's youngest sister


♥ 4 HUA JAI ♥
He's soo young indeed^^ Hehe. I sshould YT that up. Don't know how she loolks like. Sounds korean-ish? HARU! LOL. I wish EXACT would promote him but I hightly doubt it! >.<


You're Average Person :)
I hope Exact do promote him too....maybe someday...he just needs a really good role to boost him up there like what they did to Om lol


sarNie Adult
I agree with all of you guys :) Is Haru that short girl in Rahut Torachon?
She looks pretty & cute <3 She does look korean a bit though. haha, but She's SHORT. Lols. :)


sarNie Juvenile
I didn't know GUY and Haru is dating. Kool. I sisters love GUY so much in Sorry Saranhaeyo...Isn't Haru half japanese or something with Japanese...Yeah and at first i didn't even know that Guy is a es RS singer.