[Ch3] Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (No Problem)


sarNie Hatchling
thanks kenann and the producer of the beautiful mv!! it prompted me to watch tnnkk again, such a sweet and beautiful story. argghh I want a hubby like athit...actually a combination of fai/saichon/charles/athit would be better heh yaya is soooo lucky to have all of them!!!
We all want that!! :)


My favorite line in this drama was:
Yaya and Nadech met each other at the farm when they were jogging i guess, she pushed him down and he said "If you were my little sister i would spank you" hahaha i loved that line. I laughed so hard.


sarNie Adult
i got to say this lakorn has became my fav lakorn so far.i'm the person who love 'slice of life' type of drama and this lakorn has fulfilled what i wanted in which we can expect this lakorn storyline can happen in real life too.i do not like much drama which only focus on love between the 2 main lead or other storyline which i can't imagine it to happen in real life.the arrangement of every scene are well done written which it make the flow of the story are smooth and understandable.
this story has so many moral value too about the important of nature,about the family relationship,friendship and most important the moral for one self to lead their life in better way.
for me the chemistry of yadech is like the bonus for this lakorn to be better.sorry if everyone not agree with me on this but i'm the person who focus on the storyline more than the main lead.but i can expect why people didn't like much this type of storyline.whatever it is,it already happened. ^_^
i will rewatch it forever and ever..haha  :lol:


sarNie Adult
i thought i'am the only one who like this kind of storyline.glad to know someone with me. ^_^
yep,this lakorn are way to beautiful.hope to see more this type of lakorn.


sarNie Oldmaid
Count me in @bubbles @fantastic @dariey I love love TNNKK. Everything about it, environmental message, grandma, the staff and most of all Yadech. Its where my Yadech love started and now they're permanent fixtures in my life. Though it pains me to see Athit with Toon, its so satisfying from ep16 onwards when Athit took over affairs of the heart. I love it so much and will rewatch repeatedly.


sarNie Adult
My most favorite lakorn.major coz of the awesome storyline.i just favor the life moral value they have here over anything..^_^