[Ch3] Suey Rai Sai Lub (UMA99)


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I'm happy that Richy and Bomb are getting more works, but I'm rather disappointed that Alex is playing second. Alex is a very versatile actor, so he will do well in this role like he did in his previous roles. Hopefully, Bomb's acting improves at least a bit.


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Two lakorns, Khun Chai Rachanon and Cubic has higher ratings than the usual 6-8. He is garnering 8-12. But what UMA99 doesn't know is that the rating has nothing to do with Bomb. KCR had a good production, with a solid and touching story line. Cubic is due to the ever so popular novel and the other cast are carrying the show. Let's see how well he will with this one. So basically UMA99 believes Bomb is one of the reason why ratings were so high. But I beg to differ. I definitely did not watch the two lakorn for him and I am sure more than 2/3rd of the audience didnt watch it for him either LOL I do like Bomb tho but the success of his lakorns has nothing to do with him haha
Now I just hope he will improve. In Cubic, there was no change. It actually is worse than in KCR.


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wow, this is quite a surprise. LOL. no rumors bout this lakorns and then they shocked me when they already had a fitting xD
anyways, anybody know the storyline?


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i think Bomb his now Uma99 favourite child and i do agree Richy she does look pretty damn she has a good height which matches Bomb huge tall height Alex looks tiny standing next to Bomb 

cool :)

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Uh...Richie and Bomb together....we'll see how this turns out. Both their acting is not quite there yet so I'm hoping it'll be atleast watchable. Hope the storyline will give them an extra boost .Best luck to them


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They should at least put him in a new genre more than action because he can really fight. But seems like he is gettin more work and uma99 favors him


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I was hoping for richie to get a decent production, or at least a decent actor who can help her, but bomb.....best of luck though  :annoyed:


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Still, seeing Alex play second.. that's an ouch.  I think the reason he's still not p'ek might be due to his height :(  Even though his acting is good.  I think I might watch this for Alex & the other girl instead of the main pair. 
Glad to see they're giving Richy a shot.. though..


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I watched cubic for bomb and mint then the story. I think his acting was watchable but his features and heights was a good fit as LLS,yet like you guys I hope he improves in this lakorn.

Maybe other audiences watching Bomb's lakorn in thailand gives him positive feedback.

and I would love to see him as pra-ek I think he has great chemistry with his nan-e.


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 what is the english translation for seuy rai? i understand Sai Lap is 'SPY'..


First i want to say that i'm really glad Richie is finally having a lakorn though her acting isn't all that, but practice makes better and you can't expect anyone to get better if they don't get the chance to work on it. Same with Bomb too. I think he is doing better in Cubic. So in here, Bomb is a police officer? if i heard correctly. I'll watch this for Bomb and Richie. I think Richie is really beautiful. Also, people say that Richie's bad acting ruined Koo Gum, but I think it was because of the way the movie was, and also, it was her first movie, so you can't really blame her.


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Of course height isn't a problem but in the industry... yes it is. And it just isn't Alex's height, it is also his childlike physical features. With the two combo he's at a disadvantage even with superior acting talent such as Alex. 


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I didnt know that was Richie. I just realize it now. At first, i was wondering, "who is this girl? Is she a newbie?" I'm sure Richie is a sweet girl, but i dont think acting is her thing. She seems very uncomfortable when talking on the clip with. Bomb. But then again she's a newbie, so i'll wait and see.


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Dang, Richie looks like that thai actress who star in a lot of lakorn with Dome.  Not Dome Pakorn. Shoot what's her name, She has the curly hair.  Stared in the lakorn with Cherry, Lek, Au and she was cherry's friend.  Lek has special powers, Cherry looking for her brother who was killed at Au's resort and Au is a twin.  Ahhh. I can't remember her name. 
After Cubic, i just want to see more of Bomb.  Hope he improves and keep doing lakorns.  I just adore him.