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  1. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    Sorry for bothering some here :)
    There is a rule thread by Darvil 'Rules all members must follow on the forum' http://asianfuse.net/discuzz/topic/57539-rules-all-members-must-follow-on-the-forum/ 
    When I was new to this forum, other members used to tell me I should give credits to the pics when I forgot. Im following it cos its a rule. Many members come to threads to read news about the lakorn but ends up seeing unrelated things. Its more annoying if it takes time for page loading and when it loads, I see nothing regarding the topic.
    I would not have said this if it happened just twice or thrice. I see this in many threads where I go so I thought I should say this. Im not the only one to find it irritating, others also feel that but they are polite to say anything so I took the step. For other discussion, there is a sub forum where you can create thread and discuss anything without being off topic. Sorry if I offended anyone  :)
  2. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    Thank you mods  :)
    I hope Nadech is P'ek
  3. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Staff Member

    Edit: Follow up on post below.
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  4. Ncmeowmeow35

    Ncmeowmeow35 sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh o, who is making momma bear cranky? Lol
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  5. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Lol...what momma bear? More like baby bear

    Wait Meow am I responding to you correctly hahahah...or are you referring to KhoOnxNouxWanxJai as the momma bear? Because I am thinking it is something else. Ok...I think I am going to take a nap now.

    And carry on...it's not worth it for real.
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  6. Ms.Zoe

    Ms.Zoe . : Lady Yue : .

    I don't think Na will be the p'ek. He currently has LLSR & one with Ya, they both will be working with Anne for the first time, that potential action series Plick Fah & he also will have classes to attend for his graduate program :scratchchin:.

    Hahaha I thought this thread was going to have its name edited to [Ch3] SeRa DaRan & American Football 2016 haha. Anyway I saw those off topic posts about football are now moved to their rightful thread, woohoo no more spoiler tabs, this thread has been off topic quite A LOT lol. Well it is good that some things have been taken care of unlike before.
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  7. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    One last thing...are we off topic again?
  8. Ncmeowmeow35

    Ncmeowmeow35 sarNie Oldmaid

    I was refering to Khoon as momma bear. Oh byebye we better stop being off topic else we'll make some people cry.
  9. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Staff Member

    Ok, I'm going to say this and it goes for everyone and not anyone in particular. If you feel something is offensive or breaking the rules please use the "Report" button and tell us how it violates the rules. There is no need to call anyone out in the topic. Let a moderator or admin decide if the person has broken the rules in the moderator review panel. This way no one feels targeted personally by being called out in the threads. 
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  10. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Unfortunately, I don't have a lollipop for anyone.

    So, wait what can we talk about exactly? It is a no-no about Nadech, Yaya, Kim and another one. So I guess I am rooting for Bomb to be in here. He is bad as heck but so far his fans are not there yet to get offended by stuff so easily. Bomb is dark, and he is tall he can be like Likit. Man, if he's close to being a package like Weir he would be perfect for the role.

    Bomb and Taew
    " and Pat
    " Matt (it didn't turn out well first time)
    " Mew
    " and whomever.

    I am going to jinx myself and Bomb will be in here lol
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  11. Ncmeowmeow35

    Ncmeowmeow35 sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh no you didn't byebye. Lol No Bomb! I don't care if I can't talk about it cus there's lots of thread I don't venture in where I'm not wanted by the majority but I want to at least see it. Lol

    I still want Grate, he has nice fans AND most important, he can act! My biased Ken P too but he's so packed right now.
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  12. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Thanks that sounds reasonable....

    But for me I have no idea to report anyone and never to think to. Nothing anyone says is that serious to do something like that. Honestly, someone has to mean something to me to get offended at. Like Lisa Vanderpump says..."sit down, you're not important enough for me to get mad at" lol
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  13. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Having Bomb in here will weed out lots of people. I mean, how active is a Bomb thread anyway? Saves the annoyance and the whole nine yard. Majority of us think he needs some work, heck, even Bomb himself thinks he needed work so we are safe from being getting mad at cause we accused him of being a bad actor.

    Likit was kind of tan to me in this lakorn, and Bomb to me is kind of tan. His smile isn't bad because at least the muscles are moving when he does. And if they go with a tall n'ek he can pull it off. I don't want anyone popular in here...too much distraction :)
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  14. Ncmeowmeow35

    Ncmeowmeow35 sarNie Oldmaid

    That doesn't work. Lol do you not see weed grows everywhere. I'm waiting to see Bomb's lakorn with Donut to see if he improved. I'm sure his with Ice will be horrible cus she can't act either lol. If he improves then I don't mind him in lakorns I would like to see.
  15. jeanie1

    jeanie1 sarNie Adult

    Hey Bomb has fans in Thai! And they can be pretty mean too. A lot of them were upset that Wimarn Mekala was airing in place of Peerun Pram Ruk and that they'll get 5 days of Bella, when they haven't seen Bomb in a while. I saw some "I'm done with Ch3" posts for the slight lol.
    At least the guy is tall and I thought he was good in the SJ series but he won't compare with Likit. Likit wasn't good looking to me but his charisma more than made up for it. Not a lot of p'eks have that now.
  16. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Lol @Meow for the weeds comments.

    @Jeanie...I think bomb gain some fans from Cupid but his fans are not rabid ones in AF lol...Hahhaa at them be slighted by seeing Bella almost for the entire week.
  17. ceda_lee

    ceda_lee sarNie OldFart

    My last post was moved?! It was off topic, but I clearly brought back the topic.
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  18. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Hahahah...OK that's funny.
  19. Ncmeowmeow35

    Ncmeowmeow35 sarNie Oldmaid

    Lol yes, rules.

    The fans in Thailand are mean and they are brutal too. People think we are mean, a bully, and repetitive here but man we got nothing on Pantip sometime. It is repetitve there cus it happens every single time when a koojin goes and have new pairings. I admit that Bomb looks good but please improve on your acting!
  20. Prakaidao

    Prakaidao sarNie Adult

    Hey!!! Bomb fan here! Jk, not offended, I like him he's pretty charismatic off screen, and I accept the fact that his acting sucks but yeah...^_^
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