[Ch3] SeRa DaRan


sarNie OldFart
Bomb has the height. And yes, he definitely needs improvement. Mew will be too tiny for him, no? Even Taew was so small next to him & Taew is just a but taller than Mee (I think).


sarNie OldFart
Like Nadech & Mew is fine. Bomb is taller than Nadech. If it's Bomb, then he needs someone like Margie, Mai, Kim, Preem or Bella.


Again, I am out of likes T_________________T lol
The height difference between Bomb and Taew worked out fine in KCR so Mew will look adorable next to Bombmieeee :) I was looking forward to Bomb and Matt's pairing in DPD because he could use some help from Matt so what I am also implying is that Bomb and Matt would work for me too hehe


sarNie OldFart
Ive never seen the 1st lakorn but based on the p'ek discription and background, i would choose Great or Got as the p'ek. As for the n'ek, i think Matt or Mint C would be my choices. These 2 girl can look very regal and classy when they want to. If o had to choose between Matt or Mint, i would choose mint because this would be something different for her. Shes been playing a lot of tomboyish and countryish characters and this would help grow as an actress!
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Cr. Mint and Matt ig accounts