[CH3] Sapai Ka Fak (TV Thunder) : Art Pasut / Maeya Nonthawa


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Nvm. It did end today. Lol final episode was boring. Lol really boring. Nothing special. I didn’t care Risa got caught, she walked away like she didn’t own nobody anything! Lol

You know having that I literally watched this Lakorn from beginning to end, with the exception of skipping boring people parts...I will have to say I most enjoyed May and Risa. They were both so cunning but equally stupid and funny to some level. But they were really entertaining to watch and they both kept me interested through out the Lakorn! So, good job to the two girls.

Now pra’nang lacked so much chemistry. I couldn’t bring myself to fin pra’nang cuz they were just an odd pairing. While I don’t buy into the whole package of maeya being n’ek I do think she has a beautiful voice. I think she should have pursued singing and make it a full time career or something.

Art was just eye candy and sexy. He had so much chemistry with May but his charm sort of died after he broke up with her. He lost the glow, but still proud I finished an Art Lakorn for the first time ever!!! Woot!! So proud! Now time to move on to the next Lakorn! 5555 hopefully something else can grab my attention just as much!!! :D

Maeya actually started the industry as a singer, and then went into modeling. She was on the same stage and season of KPN Awards with Knomjean Kulamas.


I really loved this lakorn and actually really loved Art and Maeya pairing. At least their pairing had more build-up than the side characters. With Peter and Da and Michael and Kacha, they fell in love too fast and there was really no build up. I only enjoyed their couples because they made the story funny. This is also the reason why I like May. She's so funny especially when she said that Trai is so stupid and even she had changed to know Risa's real personality. Risa is a really smart girl, but using her smarts in the wrong way is a bad decision. I think Risa should be punished in some way though, but like Rainie said, let Karma do the job. The ending though was such a let down, after having watched and enjoyed the lakorn all along and having to come to an end like this is so disappointing.


I think the only punishment Risa received was two slaps on her cheek by Rainie and her grandpa.

I must agree, the plot lacked a lot of character development. It was just the acting that was good so it kept some of us hanging til the end.


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Maeya actually started the industry as a singer, and then went into modeling. She was on the same stage and season of KPN Awards with Knomjean Kulamas.
I think Maeya had difficulty in her acting at the begining but then she showed raw talent especially at emoting. As I said her character was not one dimensional and she had good interactions with all of the other characters. Her pair with p'ek was done dirty cause I never bought P'ek affection to her at the end. It was badly developped on p'ek side. Her type of beauty is now ovni at ch3 that doesn't know what to do with her and I think one day she will leave the channel since I am afraid she can get stuck in "Rainie-type" of roles and done dirty.


I think Maeya has talent, but she just hadn't had enough projects to show it off. She can sing and act and she is beautiful too. If ch 3 decides to promote her, I think she'll go far. But it's just that Ch3 has too many actors and actresses and they focus mostly on the ones who have more grasae or are more famous pairings. They don't know how to promote their actors and actresses. I can see there are so many actors in ch 3 who are way better than some actual famous actors, but they still don't get promoted properly.