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  1. D

    [CH3] Sapai Ka Fak (TV Thunder) : Art Pasut / Maeya Nonthawa

    I check the section so many time before I did this thread. I thought there was a thread on this lakorn but I could not find it. If there is a thread on this lakorn let me know so I can merger them together. Title: สะใภ้กาฝาก A remake of Benz & Willy lakorn. (Note) Fair Gundon was the...
  2. leemyis

    [Ch3] Chat Jao Praya 2: Sing See Kwae (Step Onward)

    "ชาติเจ้าพระยา2"   I don't think there's a thread for this yet, so here's one. These came out yesterday.   (cr. phet's IG, songwut999, tvsocietych, art's fc, gurumatthew)
  3. N

    Once Again.

    This is going to be my first . It might have some errors so forgive me . Im not gonna write chapter one just yet. All Im going to give you right now is the character bio and summary. Once Again - characters Kwan Usamanee Win Tawin Janie Tienphosuwan Aum Atichart Sara Legg Art Pasut More...
  4. T

    Nang'Ek Undup Neung (The Number One Nang'Ek)

    Suddenly came up with another plot. Bringing Ann and Ken back! COMING SOON!   Nang'Ek Undup Neung (The Number One Nang'ek)   Genre- Comedy   Cast Ann Thongprasom Janie Thienposuwan Sara Legge Pei Panward Ken Theeradeth Film Rattapoom Art Pasut Dew Suriyon      
  5. aikoden

    [Ch3] Chat Chao Praya (Step Onward)

    "ชาติเจ้าพระยา" I don't think I saw a thread for this lakorn yet. I only got the title, I'm unsure of the company production yet. Anyways, it seems like they just had the fitting, because Tye was posting it on his ig account :) It seems to be a big cast! only Tye's pics for now. credit his ig.
  6. S

    Looksao Mafia (the Mafia's Daughters) - CHAPTER TWO

    FanFiction Looksao Mafia (The Mafia’s Daughter) Genre Action, Comedy, Romance Cast Yaya Urassaya as Urassaya Nadech Kugimiya as Officer Nadech Sara Legge as Sara Art Pasut as Officer Pasut Willy McIntosh as Jao Por Reungrit Au Thanakorn as Officer Thanakorn Oh Pakjira as P'Oh Num...
  7. Alice

    [Ch3] Kularb Fai (D One TV)

    news thanks to Snow_Scorpio @spicyforum http://www.spicyforu...ch3-kularb-fai/ http://www.komchadlu...8%E0%B8%AD.html already start filming and opening but its a unknown nang'ek Title - Kularb Fai 'Rose Fire or Fire Rose'
  8. T

    [Ch3] Manee Dan Suaang (Broadcast Thai)

    These are all of broadcast upcimings listed in the lastest oho mag