[Ch3] Sapai Jao (Broadcastthai)


sarNie Oldmaid
Just finished this one. It wasn't personally my favorite, but it was fun and light.
The script needed some serious work. It really couldn't balance the funny with moving the plot along. And then they kept throwing random stuff in when they knew we were losing interest.
Khun Ying Goy's relevance was highly overrated. They kept bringing her back when really she didn't need to be involved in anything going on. Plus her acting was way over-the-top.
I watched for Pope and Alek. I stayed for Rong and Sa. I skipped a lot near the end because I got tired of going in circles with the plot. But Rong and Sa were worth watching, and Alek was super cute. I don't think I'll watch this again but I can see why others liked it. It just wasn't my cup of tea.


I'm almost done on Ep15 right now!! I was watching some newsbit on Pope and stumbled upon this one:
They talked about Pope and Namtarn's bunny teeth! Can't believe they actually ended up working together. Cute! Haha.


Haha, I never noticed Pope has bunny teeth
Me neither. They don't seem that bunnily to me. Haha.

Finally done. Definitely an entertaining, easy going lakorn to watch. I'm not gonna lie though, it's pretty weak. Especially from Broadcast. This feels like a half@ssed produced lakorn. Haha. Something you'd put on the evening run.
I wouldn't rewatch the whole thing.. . .actually I wouldn't rewatch anything. Hahhah. Sorry Pope love.

Anyway, my only complaint is the focus on Ying Koi. What is her importance? She has more screentime than any supporting character. . . . ? Heck. Even more that Sri. I'm not even gonna critic the storyline. That's how bad it is. Haha. Anyway, I liked KCLek and Sri's storyline better, it had more substance. KCRong and Sa's storyline was a bit bland although I did enjoy Sa's sassiness. Alek definitely did his part as the jokester KCLek, I really liked his character. Nychaa was awkward in some places, but overall she was good and I also really liked her character. As for our pra'nang. Well they may just be the cutest couple in the most oddly awkward way. Hahaha. Who decided to cast these two together? They look like they don't even want to touch each other. Namtarn had more chemistry with Alek?! Pope. Where is the jao choo in yoo boo boo?? Have you not found your Date yet? He kind of did in that pre-bed scene though. The adult books. I thought that was funny. :naughty2: From reading adult books every night to teaching how to row a boat. Reading those books have done you good I see. Hahahah. Where was I? Ah yes, awkward chemistry. Cute, but awkward. I would not reunite the two until they have decided to pop their bubble and be more aggressive in showing some skinship. I liked Sa's cute and bubbly character. Not very original, but she wasn't those weak nang'eks so I like her. KCRong was definitely frustrating. Sometimes I hated him sometimes I liked him. HAhah. Mr. PJ was obviously doing his thang that's why we love him. The actress playing Jaroy is very pretty. If they give her more likable roles I think she'd be more likable. All the roles I've seen of her are slutty and rai. Sigh. Okay I think I'm done with my review .Oh wait I forgot to mention I do like the comedy in here. It's very clever! Hehe.

So all in all, I enjoyed it. It was entertaining and . . . . YAY another Pope lakorn completed!!!:cheer: Now Leurd Ruk Toranong here I come!!


sarNie OldFart
@phatman yeah, they gave more screen time to the rai girl. For some reason I do like Pope and Namtarn awkwardness. This lakorn had prepared me for PBS, I would have turned away with Pope’s awkward acting in the beginning of PBS, if I didn’t find it funny in here. Definitely, Alek and Namtarn had more chemistry, I like to see them pair up in the future. I didn’t watch the original, but I heard it’s way better.
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