[Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)


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XD Anne & Yard? Anne/Matt? Wooo... lmao I don't care who takes Looksorn's role, but please don't let Anne take Sai's role... That would be plain shitty, no offense. I have never seen the original, but it's time for Anne to pass... <.<


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anne was rumored in this lakorn 3-4 years ago, if anyone can portray sai's character, it would have to be anne. shitty? i don't think so


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oh my lakorn!!! Remake for has been in speculation for the longest time...... Both Tinah and I should know lol


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Funny I just recently re-watch this lakorn too ^_^

I didn't like it all that much but Mew sure shine as Sai B)


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I'm really hope for Rita to play Sai because i want her to change from normal acting to a shine sexy star.


i think rita could pull off the role very well.

with mew doing it, although the character was evil, you sympathized for her, too. with araya, i don't think she can make the viewers sympathize for the character, too, to the extent that mew did. i'm thinking about "dao puen din." it's a very challenging role as well as the looksorn role. the guys were just accessories to the lakorn i think. :lol: but it's going to be hard to top the guys' work, too.

overall, i think it's going to be hard for me to see a remake of any of willy/mew lakorns. :lol: they're just classics & were so great together.

janie t. can definitely take on this role, & a lot of the other top actresses.


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My dream cast:

Anne as Sai
Janie as Son
Ken as Bee
Andrew as Char


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why don't you want pat to be here? at least, she won't play with por t again and this stupid p'ek could have a lakorn with namfon p ^_^