[Ch3] Roy Leh Marnya (Maker J Group) Pope Tanawat & Bella Ranee

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    Hello hello! Sorry for being so late
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  2. Rosi4

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  3. Rosi4

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    When BPS was at this moment in time (fittings & cast intro) they didn't receive (or given) the same courtesy with the trending or making it on the morning news? If yes, then I'm very happy for them now with the major advertising!! Good things always come to those who patiently waits.
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  4. Rosi4

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    Romantic comedies aren't usually good, look at Jennifer Aniston!! None wonderful. So if this is an intense drama it'll be great!

    Well, hurray to that! I saw old photos of Bella's family, I think her mum & dad are supportive people who lets her be - hold you when you're down, happy for you when you're up that sort of atmosphere. I don't know why, but I got that feel looking at pictures of Bells with her father.
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  5. Rosi4

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    When newcomers come into this site you'll probably have to explain yourself what's with the hahahaha tagline HEAD SAMEE THIEF
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  6. Rosi4

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    But Maker J did that Great & Nychaa movie NANG AI!! And that's a touching, sensitive story, sad too (the backstories of the nuns). It's like Paramount, MGM or 20th Century Fox - each has their hits & misses
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  7. SuzieJ

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    The biggest complaint I’ve heard about Makers is that their lakorns are very bland and washed down. I’m hoping it’s different this time around. They better get this right!
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    Okay lol haha.
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  9. DaoRisa

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    They better do it a great job on editing since they have a hot couple of our favorite " PBella" in it.
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    Still cannot open from justanothermuse website (abt watching bps) :(( so sad.
    Btw, can someone inform me what has been happening recently with pope?? I have seen many media talking about pope with the picture of a girl clarifying something or idk (because all of the new are in thai), the point is it is related to pope and still like hot news there (even when I am typing this? i just saw the latest update again) it’s bout past or something. Still feel curious about it !!!
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  11. phatman

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    Aww. I'm sorry! Is it blocked or you just can't play it?

    It's about this girl who allegedly leaked her and Pope's messages. He says they're no more than "pee-nong" and she came out to say she didn't leak them and that they're "pee-nong" as well.
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    With benefits lol
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    Hahahaha. Perhaps?
  14. Nadya

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    Awww I already watched many times from FB (but there is no last episode there and mostly got some errors via leptop unless I watched those videos from my phone (maybe because of malware or virus idk). Last night I got from daily motion but I should try to look for each video by so many uploaders.

    aww really? Hmm I am just amazed abt how the news spread and became hit (if it is only abt gossip between sister and brother realtionship why it has become boomb until now?) I even kept pressing “see translation” on IG but didn’t get the meaning ahhh :(((. Just desperately want to know and feel curious .

    I mean, recently, even today there is new news again poping up abt him, but idk either. What is it? it is not brother and sister I found on IG (there are many articles abt this new one but there is no one reporting that news in english).
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  15. phatman

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    I'm sorry. Wish I could help.
  16. Magal55

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    You can try kissasian. I’m not sure if it’s the shorter or directors version but they’re all there in one place. You sometimes need to do verification (click in the dog/cat/rabbit kind of thing) to access the videos but once you start playing, no ads (unlike dailymotion)
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  18. phatman

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    Check this out too! Wonder if it's part of the lakorn or he's just wandering around. . . all handsomely!

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  19. bit

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    Your pranang ...how old are they again?
  20. phatman

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    They look like they're having lots of fun!

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