[CH3] Rim Fung Nam (Pau Jin Jong): Puen Khanin / Natalie Panalee

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    @lovenk Here is a list of Mint lakorn she in. If you want to know more. The highlight in Pink is she, she play as the lead.

    Ta Doo Dao Tao Tid Din
    Naruk (one of the main lead)
    Tay Jai Rak Nak Wang Pan
    Sood Tae Jai Ja Kwai Kwa
    Bua Laeng Nam (Ch.3/Not release yet)
    Dong Poo Dee
    Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying
    4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao
    Tawan Deard
    Ruk Pathiharn
    Nuer Mek 2
    Suparburoot Jutathep
    Keaw Ta Warn Jai 2015
    Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur
    Ruk Long Rohng (Ch.3 Upcoming)
    Sai Tarn Hua Jai 2016 (Ch.3/Upcoming)
    Paen Lub Pituk Duangdao (Ch.3/Upcoming)
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  2. You're welcome! But here are some lakorns Mint played as n'ek: Nuer Mek 2, Pathapee Leh Ruk, Cubic, and Keaw Ta Warn Jai 2015. But these aren't memorable lakorns. Nothing special. I'd say Khunchai Ronapee and Two Spirits' Love are two most worthy of mentioning lakorns of Mint! That's about it for now! Good luck! I'm not a fan of Mint C. But she does have the potential to become a great actress...that's if they don't downgrade her to keep playing 2nd lead. :)
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    Thank you very much Dancy for the list of Mint's lakorns. I really appreciated.
    Thanks again.
  4. lovenk

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    Thank you very much PrincessKarina for the list.
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    Ruk Patihan - She is 2nd lead but her pairing is more entertaining than the main lead

    Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying - her pairing w/ first is good ( 3 couple - fair screen time)

    Tawan Duen - 2nd lead but she plays a Feisty character..her and pope are cute...Johnny Afone compliment her for her progression and said she's one to watch out for

    Fave are Ronnapee & TSL...I did enjoy PPRL, RP, WJGNJY
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    Alright so probably a skip for me cause I am not a fan of either of them lol
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    Oh thank god Mint is not in here. But why is Natalie always pairing her with praeks I'm not a fan of. I think her lakorn with Top is the closest to decent praek hahahah
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    Captain is the director. I would be interested in watching this just to see how Captain's directing style will be like and of course because I quite adore Natalie. It's sad that Ch3 doesn't seem keen on promoting her compared to their other batch of newbies since baby girl has some potential. She has lakorns but they're all with the evening productions with their C-listed praeks.
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    No, she's played 1st lead in two other lakorns in between, but they just were not very good. She starred in Cubic and Keaw Ta Warn Jai as the 1st lead, but the storylines were weak and the chemistry between the leads was just not there.
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    Oh Natalie and Puen are cute! What is this lakorn about? Another remake?
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    I love Peun so much!!! I'm not a fan of Natalie though. At least not yet. Peun is so talented I don't see why ch 3 doesn't promote him. His acting is even better than a few older generation A-list actors. Just saying and not going to name any names. Ch 3 just really sucks at actually promoting the talented actors/actresses. All CH 3 can do is run around after pairings that is already too packed up with work just because they are cute and a lot of people love them, but never actually about the talent. Not that I'm complaining though, but just saying.
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    Does anyone know when this is airing?
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    This one just aired today so the thread can be pinned now. Considering that I haven't been able to fully finish any lakorn for the past 2-3 years nor did I enjoy any of Channel 3's megahits, I'm surprised that I actually watched the first episode without fast forwarding. All the newer generation kids in here are pretty talented and easy on the eyes. Natalie is like a hybrid of Yaya and Patricia although acting wise, she's much more capable and charismatic than the latter. Lita is quite a stunner as well and I hope she keeps getting diverse supporting roles if the elders aren't going to push her as a lead actress.
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    is there a teaser?
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    Here are links to one of the teasers, first episode and Perd Gong Vic 3 for those who are interested.

    Credits to Ch3Thailand

    I'm really liking P'Teh's voice in the themesong and Captain is so cute when he starts talking about how the veterans direct themselves.
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