[CH3] Nang Ay (Maker Y Group) : Great Warintorn/ Nicha Nattanicha


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Confirming from Khun Ja a producer of Maker Y about remake lakorn as Nang Ay in 2015 
Three character like Nang, Sineenart and Saisuda will be Nicha, Gap Dolaka and Carisa(The Face)
So Nicha will play as Nang who is Joy Siriluk's role in old version (confirmed)
Gap may play as Sineenart (Benz Pornchita's role in old version)
Carisa may play as Saisuda (Mam Wichuda's role in old version)



And about Pra'ek, he will be the one pra'ek of Suparbburoot Juthathep.
Let guess who ??
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What's the lakorn about? The girls look so young, they must have been like 16-18 years old when they did this.


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I'm guessing Grate or Pope. P'ek is supposed to be a lot older than n'ek. Johnny was in the older version.
Basically Nang is a bit bratty and tomboyish and always gets into trouble. P'ek is the uncle of Saisuda. They're all rich kids at the convent except for Sineenart so she gets picked on a lot by Saisuda's gang. Nang befriends Sineenart and enemies with Saisuda. The first part is about their school life. P'ek and n'ek meet while the girls are at the convent cause he goes to visit Saisuda a lot. Nang dislikes p'ek cause she thinks he's a strict boring stiff but he's always had a crush on her.
The 2nd part is when they're out of school and adults. By this time Nang and Saisuda are friends. They actually end up to be great friends but Sineenart kind of turns into a n'rai cause she likes p'ek and is jealous of all the rich people.
The romance is very old-fashioned and slow but sweet. When they get older Nang is the one that turns all shy around p'ek and he's hard core pursuing her but in a gentlemanly way.


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I like the plot but Nicha..... ? I do like her but I'm not sure about her acting abilities yet. I hope she improves her speech, She kind of slurs her words. 


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Ey, I don't like Carisa at all .. she's super mean in the reality show, THE FACE. Her comments about Lukade's son was uncalled for.  
Anyway, I saw a bit of this a long time ago, let's hope it turns out good like Samee and Nampueng Kom.


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P'ek is probably Grate. He seems like he would be prefect for this kind of role... I don't see a connection with Nycha and him but I hope I'm surprised and they have amazing chemistry. (If it is Grate) lol


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You said what I wanted to say.
Sweet_JJ said:
LOL I highly doubt both James would be in here. They only do one lakorn at a time for now. 
But I never want to see JMA working with Nycha, to be precise, Makers Group, period. Lol.


I'm guessing it's either Bomb, Pope, or Great, because those three are the ones who actually look old enough to be the uncle. I haven't seen the old version or heard of it until now. Seems interesting though.


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i think Great and Pope has the mature look to play as Johnny E. I'm not thrill about Nicha as n'ek. She doesnt have that n'ek charisma to me. this was one of my favorite b/c i like johnny and joy. it such a cute lakorn. 


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Not thrilled about Nycha as n'ek either. She doesn't give off the "n'ek" vibe. At least not for prime time. She could be an evening n'ek though.