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    cant wait to see what they make of the story and how they utilize all the cast members. if the movie is great, the cast will get the opportunity to promote it in other countries which is what i think the producers and cast members want at the end of the day. a win win for every one
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    Not sure about Taew but I remember some hostility towards Patricia tho which is too bad since she had the best character of the lakorn and was oh so charming !!
  4. preetam

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    It is weird they keep telling you that the other member was the one bringing up Taew privacy here and in response to that the other member said "I am not one to talk about Yaya's virginty around...", but you still brush it off and insist on the fact that they talked about Yaya's privacy when her sentence "I am not one to talk about..." says otherwise.
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    Lol you scared of them ? Aigooo this is not me. I am not afraid of telling them Nadech aint Yaya best onscreen partner. This is leggit Mark Prin. Yadech got the fandom, the channel pushing and the industry hype but it hardly translates on their lakorn ratings or people interest in their dramas.
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  6. Really? Lol I’m the opposite because I actually almost dropped the lakorn because Patricia’s acting was so stiff. Yes granted she was young and less experienced though I finished the lakorn because of Taew. Patricia is still young yet so she has time to rise! ;)
  7. preetam

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    This lakorn made me appreciate Patricia. She was so charming and she was stiff at the begining but afterwards she was the only reason I kept watching the lakorn, so fresh and beautiful for such an elegant, strong and helpful character not afraid to let it go ! Taew was annoying
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  8. Sure thing! Taew’s character may be annoying but she played her character beautifully. I finished that lakorn solely for Taew.
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    lol her comment is petty and out of nowhere.It's already rude to bring it up and try to spread it as a rumour.But you know people always have excuses for their rudeness and pettiness.I know her purpose or she wouldn't say she won't delete it even tho I said I would like her delete that post.What you said is a lame excuse tbh.I already said I will leave this thread to the nakee fans because they're the 'owner' here,so you don't even need to reply and try to make excuses for her.
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    Yes! If this one is good, I can see it being available on Netflix. I love seeing Thai movies or lakorn being represented on Netflix.
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    Taew received hate during the airing of LSR, at first it was Patricia but then it became Taew. Nadech did have chemistry with Taew and boy I would love to see Nadech and Pat reunite for a lakorn to themselves.

    I agree, the whole time Princess used it as an example about the other member talking too much about privacy matters and that she wouldn't like it if we did the same, but they literally tried to fire back at her for making a false rumor. Seriously they never like anything that is done back to them. I checked the GS to see how Taew fans replied and I felt they were being quite mature, by telling them to tone it down and not bring in the other actresses, maybe I missed some replies because I didn't read all the comments, but overall I felt like Taew fans are pretty open to different opinions, they may disagree but that's not hating. Debating is not being rude, what's rude is legit starting to attack a member for having a different opinion.

    Haha honestly it gets pretty scary when they all jump on you, but sometimes they don't, they just bring it to their own thread and talk about you there. Back then (2016 lol) when I did watch Yaya on screen, Mark and Yaya made more sense to me and Nadech with other girls made more sense to me considering Nadech never gets to do anything with as much skinship as MY did in KC. Plus i've seen 2 of NY's better lakorns (DJA and GRGR) too. Still I prefer when its mixed up.
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    Dang. Some of the comments in this thread were a pleasure to read. Lol.

    I'm gonna be straight up honest on a few things, though:

    1. Taew is a better actress than Yaya
    2. Nadech is slightly a better actor than Ken P.
    3. I like all four.
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  13. Thanks for sharing! I agree with 1! ;)
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    Cannot help to post this emoticons so badly

    :risas3: :pancarta::facepalm:o_O:risas3::pancarta:
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    Because this thread was just literally a mess for 3-4 pages, and I've gone through the warnings. I will leave this rules thread here.


    Even though some posts are "not" breaking the rules, but some posts promote unhealthy debates. Because, there are SO many people involved, I will leave this as a general warning to all. If anyone violates said rules from this post onward, please REPORT. If there are habitual violators or rule breakers, I will begin to send messages and warnings.

    Also, please DO NOT fight fire with fire. Meaning, if someone offends you, DO NOT curse them back or whatever. They will be able to report your post back. REPORT their insults and Staff will deal with it.

    Thank you

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    New poster of Nakee2
  17. Whao gives me the goosebumps! These two are gorgeous here!
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    this movie might flop. its not being promoted as much as i thought it would.
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    I love that poster so much!!
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  20. Same! Taew is stunning!
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