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  1. Anne22

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    True lol. Its simply because of yaya popularity and she is favored by a lot of people in the industry. Their fav mostly the underdogs and can't reach yaya's level that's why
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    For me I don't care what other people talking about my bias.Maybe because I know none of that opinions matter.They can hate my bias and I won't point fingers on their opinion.But I'm the kind of person don't even wanna waste my time on celebrity I don't care.
    People I can't stand are those who don't know boundary and spread rumours about other's privacy.
    Anyway you better stop talking with anyone here.Cuz they gonna have a lot of things to say and play the victim.Seems like they all suddenly forgot what they said about yaya in this thread before,probably bad memory lol.I'll suggest them delete the posts revealing their true colours when they try to fake neutral,prob need to delete from the beginning lol.They just give me the fake vibe.
    I try to be nice,then you saw them saying neutral but still make rude comments bringing yaya's privacy.So you know you never can do things without them talking shit then still playing victim and faking neutral.It's just waste your time talking with them,don't think you can change any bit of their 'opinion'.
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  3. AnnTfan

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    Everyone has different taste, everything is debatable. You either worship them or you don't. Taew has been attacked by NY fans since LSR with Nadech, or maybe its since that one Japanese lakorn. If fans are justifying that we "hate" Yaya because of jealousy then why do they continue to "hate" Taew so much too. Y'all are on top of the world with international star, Yaya, but still hating every less popular actress. T

    I'm happy Taew and Yaya get along tho, I saw Yaya calling Taew an angel and I legit liked yaya more after that.
  4. Thanks sweetie! You got it! And I’m glad to hear some positive from Yaya to Taew!
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  5. AnnTfan

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  6. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    when did you post about not liking Taew? I checked your postings to see how Taew fans replied but couldn't find it. if anything NY fans are way more known as sensitive. We can't even have an opinion about their acting or say we want to see more individual lakorns from them we'll get hit with a "don't watch it, like what nadech say" or "you're jealous Yaya is more famous" or "ny haters".
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  7. True that. They are saying we are sensitive. They are just the same or more! o_O
  8. kpopwarehouse

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    the ignorance of stans is a bit overwhelming. i cant believe some one had the time to go through my past post to dig up receipts without even knowing which particular thread and how long ago. i also never said i dont like taew, i said that about her acting. i cant understand the logic of some people here and how they treat these celebs. so this site is basically a ny vs taew showdown. so tiring. and with that, let this stupid subject be dropped because its pointless to keep pointing fingers.
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  9. diann

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    I hardly see any of Taews fans getting sensitive. It’s more of NY fans being sensitive cause every thread that I go to that involves NY it seems to always be a war going on between the fans.
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  10. AnnTfan

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    oops my bad I meant to say Taew's acting and I literally had to check so I could be fair enough.
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  11. rachell

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    Now you understand it's a waste of time lol.Better save your energy.
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  12. Haroo

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    Yes they've been like that...hahaha. Theyre just cannot skip or ignore a bad comment about Taew without feeling that way and maybe respond to it. lmao

    Actually i first time watched Taew's lakorn was LSR. I thought it was ok then when i started to look back at her other lakorns, i just cannot lol. The most annoying acting she been was in Rising Sun...her roles was only to cried in every episodes. She is good at acting but that all. Nothing like give me a BIG impact. Her acting is forgetable. I once saw a comment said when Taew is crying she made an annoying sound lol and i started to realized that with Rising Sun. Yaya and Nadech's characters brought colour in Rising Sun.

    I think not only me think that Yaya is more marketable than Taew, probably Act Art also the same. :thumbup: I was once compared Bella with Taew, well more like praised on Bella because i don't know why, i just feel she is good but you know what, i have been called Taew's hater and Bella's fan. Same what happened here when i said Yaya is more marketable and Taew doesn't have the commercial value.

    Its up to individual personal point of view. They need to respect not to argue about it.

    Its like they think they've a right on our own opinion. If you cannot accept what other said then you should keep quiet and let it pass. It's easy!
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  13. rachell

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    Maybe you should leave and stop bringing yaya or bella here,because them fans think this thread is their own.It's not hard to leave the thread to them.You have other thread can go to lol.
  14. Haroo

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    Yeah been thinking that too. I was planning to stop posting and be quiet for a while until i saw that one girl started to bring up about me and my post before.

    That's a good idea..kinda tired arguing to defend my own right over my own opinion. Well i will think about that. Leave this thread to them and find new thread...
    :) although i know they will also act like this in ANY THREAD i will go next.
  15. twister02

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    me while reading in here :lol:

  16. Lol for sure. Thanks for checking hun!
  17. Exactly what I’m saying. You got it spot on! Opinions are opinions but some people say a ton of stuff without facts! :confused0:
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    Dang. Some of y’all are Keyboard Warriors. Let it go. It’s been a few pages of all y’all going back and and forth. And for what? What are y’all going to get at the end of it? Can we all just focus on the actual movie, actors and the events related to this? Leave the drama out. It’s not necessary at all. Let bygones be bygones.

    I’m a few days behind, but Taew and Yaya were so beautiful during their performance. I’ve been trying to find a higher quality video of the dance, but I can’t find it. And I love the fact that Taew and Yaya are getting along and they’re supporting each other. :love:

    Also like many of you, I’m so curious about the story line. They said it’s completely different from the lakorn and that was it. Not much info on it. So curious. During the interview they talked about the creepy super natural experiences they had filming the lakorn and the movie. Had me so scared. :yawn:
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    Seriously what just happened?? What was the real argument anyway?
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