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  1. Iheartyadech

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    It's a worship dance!
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  2. Iheartyadech

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    For this event it has nothing to do with Nakee 2 the movie. They both decided to go make merit before they open/start the filming of Nakee 2 the movie. It's for blessing and to worship the God Nakee. So they both were dress in the same outfit as God Nakee and dance to worship the God Nakee. The merit/blessing was so beautiful. Love how much hard work both Nadech and Yaya put in before the filming. :love::love::love: :clap:

    Both Nadech and Yaya were also praise by how professional they were when the music stop. They both, including the backup dancer continue on dancing and worshipping without the music. :clap::clap::clap:

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  3. YadechTaemint

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    I noticed that too :( Usually she is always smiling especially while performing but she didn't this time. I also watched the IG live of where NY were taking pictures with fans & most of the time her smiles seemed forced or she was rubbing her eyes. I hope she has time to relax; from experience, too much stress & tiredness can cause a breakdown & I really don't want her to go through that :icon12::icon12:
  4. lakornwatcher

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    Omg! Yes! He does kinda resembles him. I think it's the eyebrows.
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  5. HyeSoo

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    Can I ask you who is God Nakee? Is he a God that people believe in or is he part of Thai Mythology? I'm a newbie to thai culture.

    I thought people who profess buddhism believe only in the Buddha's teachings
  6. m9saeteurn1

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    Thank you! Kind of lost interest after awhile. Maybe it's just me, but I felt it was slow after a few episodes.
  7. Ms.Zoe

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    I got curious so I went & did a quick research lol. Nakee (2016 lakorn) is the name of the Queen of the Nagas. So what are the Nagas? They are mythical serpent beings. Many lakorns are based on a Phaya Naga (Lord of Naga) legend such as Poot Mae Nam Khong (ภูติแม่น้ำโขง) in 2008, Manisawat (มณีสวาท) in 2013 or Nakee (นาคี) in 2016.

    In Buddhism Nagas are mythical serpent beings who protect the Buddha (Shakyamuni Buddha) & his teachings. They also protect temples therefore many temples have them on roofs or as statues. Each country have different depictions of the Nagas same as each country have different depictions of Buddhas & Boddhisvattas & etc; all inspired by each country's unique culture. Basically it is the incorporation/blending of both religion & culture.

    More info about Nagas in Buddhism ---> https://www.thoughtco.com/naga-449846
  8. Mommy

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    Any news about the movie story line?
  9. Iheartyadech

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    Lol... They both only use sticker to on the comment.
  10. YadechTaemint

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    I completely saw that wrong then xD I thought the Thai bit after their name was a comment & the sticker was Yaya's reply to their comment xD
    I need to get my eyes checked :facepalm:
  11. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Lol I'm waiting for storyline from p'Off and k'Dang, it'll be interesting to see how he incorporates all four Taew/ken and Yaya/nadech in here
  12. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    I finally dig out nakee,'omg ost is bomb!! Such a beautiful soundtrack, the soundtrack alone has over 300 million views, kind of crazy
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  13. Yes! It was such a big hit! I still listens to Nakee ost today! It is just as good as it was last year! Such a beautiful song! :p
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  14. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Haha, yea Jaomae Nakee is Taew, the soundtrack is very beautiful and I'm surprised that Taews name came first in the opening credit! I haven't fully watched the Lakorn yet but I'm really digging the ost, it's insanely popular!
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  15. Alichgo

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    Hi! Can you link the Ost for me? I am curious to hear because I love a good ost and keep them on my Youtube playlist to listen/view while on metra to/from work. I have so many favorites ( e.g Dao Pra Sook's). I heard from one of my friend's mom that she love Nakee Ost so I was curious and looked for it in Youtube but not sure if I found the right one.

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  16. Check your inbox! @Alichgo :p The songs are so good! Bring back so many sad memories of Nakee!
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  17. xodxo

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    The song is literally my jam for the day like literally the only thing I listen to all day long!! Haha
  18. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Sorry I cry a bit when taew was crying in there and it looked like she was crying for real, her tears were just so convincing!!! My fragile heart couldn't take it lol
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  19. diann

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    Here's an interview with taew. She said she haven't read the script as of yet but as far as she knows her part will be still be the same and that yaya and nadech part will be their own part. She said also said yaya isn't playing her daughter. She thinks its going to be a total different timeline

    It's going to focus on the present time and it'll go back to the past time too

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  20. Shiera

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    THANK YOU! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
    There you go people, Yaya is NOT playing Nakee :aaaaa:
    I hope this news will finally satisfy everyone :cheer:
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