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Lol...:confused12::confused12: funny cause we've mention this hundred of time in the thread that Yaya won't be playing Nakee daughter. :facepalm::facepalm: As mention for the one hundred time, Yaya will not be Nakee or Nakee daughter! Like Taew said in the interview. How is Yaya going to play Nakee and Chayasiagn daughter when 1, their child die in the first place with her lover that's the reason why she killed all those bad people who killed her lover and baby. Then flooded the whole village. (Reason as to why she had to stay as Nakee for 1000 years before she can be human) 2, Kam Keaw and Tholsaporn never did slept together in the first place, how are they gonna have a child together. So how did anybody ever thought that Yaya will be playing Nakee daughter! :risas3: it's just funny because when there was rumor of Yaya being Nakee daughter, I was thinking the same as to what Taew mention in her interview. If you really was a fan of Nakee or at least pay attention to the whole lakorn, you wouldn't have believe the rumor, or at least have doubts about it. Now if it was Tholsaporn and Lamjiag daughter I would have believe it more! :risas3::risas3:


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Hmm... Maybe the modern times take place where Nakee resides at. Probably will have a similar storyline to Kamkaew and Thosapol but who knows. I'm very curious how everything will execute and make sense to going from past to present. Can filming start already so we can see some fittings or behind the scenes?!


Yea I don't like it when they take forever to write the script or even film but I know p'Off is going to take his sweet ass time lol bc his current focus is to wait for Raknara to air and evaluate its receiption from the audience
Yeayy SU SU nadech n yaya! They sure work hard for this. So excited for nakee2 :aaaaa:hopefully i can understand the storyline because i've never watched nakee :confused12:
If I were to choose I would rather want NY not to do Nakee2 I want NY to do a movie like Mr and Mrs Smith style an action romance comedy movie.To be honest I am not so excited for this movie I dont have high hopes for this movie just like what I feel to RS and LLSR even Likit Ruk for now I will give my benefit of the doubt to LR but for Nakee 2 it's 50/50.I have no problem with NY acting talent both are amazing.What made me so happy as a hard core NYer :icon12:NY always working together:love: call me crazy who cares:risas3::risas3::pancarta::pancarta:

to NY Haters dont waste your money to watch Nakee 2 :risas3::risas3:because NY are the lead stars:cheer:
:celebrate16::celebrate16:if you have complains of why producers wants NY together you may BASH the people behind Nakee 2:pancarta::pancarta:tell them on their face that you are fed up of NY always together as lead stars:risas3::risas3:

I suddenly wanted to post some sweet Nakee 2 related photos of NY :icon12:credits to all the orig owners:thumbup:

when Nadech forgot that they are in public he was putting his right on his girl's lap:love::naughty2:

20954088_778313235681870_4909857412337790170_n.jpg 21032834_778259562353904_1284819086708136760_n.jpg
NY's rightful place of their hands:love::naughty2::icon12::clap::cheer::aaaaa::risas3::risas3::pancarta::pancarta::thumbup:
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I suspect in 1 month. They seem to be filming NY's parts now then they will start filming TK's parts.
Thank you for answering :)
- It makes sense though to get NY overseas shoots done first then go all in with the remainder of the schedule/s in Thailand. I'm jut really looking forward to seeing Taew back in her Nakee avatar again.


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
That last pic of Nadech hahaha... looks like he has large breast....


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Good kind role models, will always receive the love and the support from the locals, to be down to earth is the most beautiful value from a Superstar!

The admin of this IG has said that Nadech has bought a lots of food for Yaya, he came by biking and then, go back to give it to Yaya (she was still filming). One of a kind :love::love::love::love:


Another cute story, Nadech has met this little girl with her mum, he took selfies with them and he asked to the little girl if she has already dinner. After he took the selfie, he ordererd her to go to eat sthg. The little girl said to him that she has also met Yaya and Nadech has asked her back " Is she beautiful?"....hihih. For sure he would like to check how her grilfriend is beautiful, a proud man!


Let's have a lunch Nong Ya, I have already checked this restaurant yesterday, I will order many delicious meal for you (my thought lol)

NY in Chiang Khan :love:, they should go out of bangkok more often, so fin moments!

When the n1 superstar of Thailand is running like a normal local citizen in the street, it becomes like a red carpet with photographers :love::risas3: (notice how well mannered he is even when he s running, "sawadi krap" :clap:)
Video -> https://www.instagram.com/p/BZh51RalpDC/?taken-by=kumiko_sari

Yaya is also like Nadech, very kind with the locals, like usual since they are in thai ET.

Ah....our kindhearted pra'ek is feeding the dog that he saw in front of the restaurant.

cr:as tagged,greatstarsart,pantip (repost from @bubba , thanks :worship2:)

All credits go to the righful owners
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@sasuke06 God will always bless them. They have such kind heart/soul. The beauty and joy in them will forever be a reminder to other's as to why they are such great role model. They are always so positive. :icon12::icon12::icon12: sometimes I cry because of how passionate they are towards fans and elders (even after meeting them so many times, I still cry). They will forever be bless with love and support through out the world for their kindness! :love::love::love:


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Just yesterday I was thinking of how ugly Nadech's navy pants with the blue stripes are..now he switched them with even uglier green shorts :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: I should have never complained :fighting3:the blue pants were a mercy to his body :nut::nut::nut:

I love him but I must say his wacky fashion sense never fails to amaze me! :risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3:


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@Shiera He used to say that he s fed up to always looks handsome, smart, perfect in events & Lakorns, so he would like to be as simple as possible, but Nadech, we never ask you to be less fashion than locals, even his manager P Gu has a better style lol. He has requested from the producers to give him a role where he looks ugly, well to see him as Petra in LLSR, I think one of his dream has definitely been granted :risas3:

Costumes, clothes & external appearance are just accessories to looks good, beautiful heart with an handsome face and perfect body (sexiest thai male 2017 in Thailand) are more important than fashion :thumbup:.
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