[CH3] Kharm See Tan Don (PENPUT TV): Pope Thanawat / Chippy Sirin


sarNie OldFart
Great is always very good to his nang'eks. Almost flirty! Hehe. I wanna see him and Chip!
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Cr. To rightful owners
These two were in a slap and kiss lakorn called Kon La Khop Fah. This was like the 1st time Great has ever played an aggresive role before. Great is known for always playing such gentlemenly roles so this was a treat for us great fans. A lot of people didnt like chippy in this but if you can get past chippy in KSTD, this lakorn shouldnt be a problem. At least in KLKF, the storyline is much better and more raeng. And theres tons of scenes where Great was jealous because of chippy. I would recommend it.