[CH3] Kharm See Tan Don (PENPUT TV): Pope Thanawat / Chippy Sirin


sarNie Oldmaid
You may watch the 1999 version here starring Tui Teerapat and Kob Suvanont:

Synopsis (from Sharerice)
Deun-sip (Kob) is a modern woman in a middle class family. Her family consists of father, mother and younger brother, Daun. Her family is in the terrible situiation because Daun is using drugs. It is the main reason for the family of Lam-tarn, Deun-sip's boyfriend, to question their relationship. Lam-tarn's family is well-known in high society so his mother doesn't want him to pick the girl who has a bad background family like Deun-sip. Yupra, Deun-sip's closed friend, doesn't want to see her friend being depressed so she asks Deun-sip to take a trip to the southern part of Thailand together. In this trip, Deun-sip meets Tiang-wan (Tui Teerapath) and his mother. He looks very weird to everybody and always stay away from the rest of the group. Tiang-wan is a man who used to use drugs for such a long time. Right now, he stops using them but still needs to find the confidence in his life. When Deun-sip finds out, she is very happy. She wants him to help her brother. Tiang-wan agrees because he falls in love with Deun-sip while Duen-sip's still sad because of her boyfriend.

Tiang-wan tries everything to help her brother. He brings Daun to the place where he was when he tried to stop using drugs. But the real difficult reason is from Deun-sip's father. He is a very strict person and everytime he is mad at his son, he will either yell at him or beat him up. However, when Daun is needing drugs so badly that he's about to die, his father is the one who offers to go to buy drugs for him. He even cries for the first time in Daun's life. After seeing his father's suffering, Daun now understands how much his father and mother love him. He finally agrees that he will try to stop using drugs even if it will be a lot of pains. As for Deun-sip, after she finds out that her boyfriend has another woman whose his mother find for him, she starts realizing that their love relationship is impossible. She later forgets about him, just spending her time to cure her brother from the terrible mistake. And she starts to build a good relationship with Tiang-wan, the man who uses Deun-sip as a destination in his life. The End


sarNie Egg
I remember this lakorn. It was very touching and feels like real life. Tui such a good actor!


sarNie Tombstone
I haven't seen on which production company will handle this lakorn. I'll edit the title once I have the info.
looks like we both are wondering too, omg the casting is incredible the old/new version Khun Phisut SameeTeeTra P'Au&P'Pope are collaborating in this lakorn
hope one day next to collaborate is Khun Karat P'Anne&P'Ploy


sarNie Adult
I'm definitely keeping my eyes out for this one, something different and very important too. Peach I'm assuming is playing the brother (???), I have such a soft spot for him and the rest of the Hormones cast. Which also reminds me that Chippy & him are reuniting in this one since that lakorn with Aum.


sarNie Oldmaid
Not a huge fan of Chippy, but the storyline is certainly a unique one. I'll definitely check it out if it gets subbed.


sarNie Hatchling
Pope has some big shoes to fill. Tui gave such a fantastic performance in the older version. Super touching and emotional where I shed quite a few tears after watching this lakorn. Best of luck to this new pairing.


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5555555555 popes wig lol looking like another homeless guy lol

I loved one of the OSTs in the old version, it was real, deep and sentimental. I still listen to it from time to time but the movie was too much $hit for me to handle lol but it was def a unique script!

Here’s one of the osts from the old version


Trapped in MueyxTian's World! ❤️
I used to think chippy would be the next n’ek I adore but holy cow how has she changed my mind? She comes across as a really cheap, shallow and no brainer person so my interest in her went down the drain like it never existed lol


sarNie Oldmaid
I used to think chippy would be the next n’ek I adore but holy cow how has she changed my mind? She comes across as a really cheap, shallow and no brainer person so my interest in her went down the drain like it never existed lol
Oh, really? Do you mean like in interviews?


I can't get into Chippy. She's an ok actress, but I don't like her voice at all. Haha.

She does look a bit arrogant doesn't she?

Anyway here is a killer scene from Mr. Tui. Pope will definitely have a hard time in here.