[Ch3] Duang Jai Tewa Prom Series (Unknown)


In love with Phet & Mookda <3
Yeah, that is why I would still be happy if she were to be in here. She is extremely talented as a newbie and I would enjoy her regardless. I've been saying this a lot but she really is just too cute to pass up!


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I want to see both Benz and Lena .....and maybe Ball as pra'ek in here too


SAme here. I'm okay with a few, but the rest, I just can't. I guess I'll have to watch just for the story-line.


In love with Phet & Mookda <3
Wait, are these confirmed? o.o Awh.. :/ This one did go to newbies. That's too bad.

I know Nychaa, Mai, Diana, Masu, & that crazy half sister in Naree Rissaya.

Masu is a cutie so I don't mind him having that role, lol. But the acting is what matters. :/
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What this? It been forever since i log in and when i decided to the came upon this? What with all the new faces? I seriously only know Nychaa and Diana and all the other are ??? Why is ch.3 promoting so many new stars but they need to stop because they can't even figure what to do with their remaining stars lol! And are these cast even confirmed or it just a fan casting/requesting?


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I'm thinking it look like its just fan made who they want to see in it. If its really confirm there should be news every where by now or even clips or actors confirming. I can't even find one link to a confirm of those actors to be in here. I think we should just wait for more news about this series next year to see who really in here.


Hopefully it's not confirmed. I mean, I'm okay with Mai, Masu, and Nychaa, but the others are just meh to me. Not to offend anyone. I really hope it's not the real cast so I can hope for a few of my favorite actors and actresses.


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Yeah, I've been looking for news and stuff since last week and couldn't find any to support it. One reason why I didn't want to post, but the summary sounds accurate lol. I need Benz in at least one of them, come on.


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Most probably it is fanmade, the Entertainment industry is really really quiet right now, with the King's passing. so probably several projects are put on hold, and many lakorns that were supposed to be shown this year will be moved to next year.


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According to Ninja at Spicy, lakorns will resume airing on November 14th with the exception of channel 7 who will air Sai Narm Sarm Cheewit everyday during their prime time slots.


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I'm still hoping that the original cast will reunite and do a cameo in the beginning with prego scenes. Loved the original cast. The sons need to be as close as their fathers were. Think cause the guys had a great bond off screen.


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All the cast in Instagram now is just fanmade :3
The director of Khun Chai Rachanon - Off used to say that this series will start casting at the end of next year (2017)
In my opinion, Nychaa won't be chose because she already have her own place in CH3 or I mean she is already pushed to be nang-ek in primetime lakorn.
My dream cast now:
Laorjan - Apo Nattawin & ?
Kwanreutai - Masu Junyangdikul & Yiiiwha Preeyakarn
Jaipisut - Nine Napat Siangsomboon & Sita Chutiphaworakan
Dutapsorn - Denkhun Ngamnet & Gapp Chanoksuda
Poncheewan - Phet Thakrit & Prim Prima


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That's just a fan request. Although I honestly think Nine will be P'Mam's praek for that segment and I just know that he will make it big. She always has her way of moulding actors and actresses to fame. Ch3 should use this chance to promote Patricia. She's not really progressing and will only remain the same if she's stuck with Kai Varayuth's production. She would make a cute pairing with Nine or Masu.