[CH3] Duang Jai Pisut (Sonix Boom) : Son Yukie/ Yam Matira


Mrs James Ma
Ommmg Yam and Son on Honeymoon Travels :spin: :heart:


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❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
Have i missed out on this story line? Do anyone know the story line? Please help me lol! 
Wow, Yam is a very pretty girl! How luck is Son? Wait, is it officially with ch.3 or no?
Anyways, wow a magazine shoot already! Yam is such a gorgeous girl, I hope she get pair up with some of the famous pra'ek lol!


sarNie Egg
Son with Yam.....?  :scratchhead2:
er idk about this lol.... 
Yam is pretty but to me she just doesn't fit good with any pra'ek which is why I can never see her as nang'ek material.... 
and Son.. I love this man. Hope he gets to work with other popular actresses soon. 
They look ok together in the photoshoots  :sweat:


Mrs James Ma
More pics


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sarNie OldFart
Haha, yeah...it's all love promo.

Yam is dating Min's ex-boyfriend. Patricia just stopped taking to a non-showbiz guy not too long ago.

Son admitted to not having dating for 3 years now, I think. Lol


sarNie Oldmaid

Duang Jai Pisut will air on September 15, after Tik and Mai's Plerng Naree.
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