[Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)


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Weird name title, but totally looking forward to it. Chalida and Tanin? I don't mind. I wanted them to pair up too and here it is, but will truly believe when it's the fitting, like previous posts, Chalida is rumored to be in a lot of lakorn but turns out false.


This is an UMA (or UMA99?) production. If it was 2 years ago, Ken would have been the pra aek. Seems like this lakorn has been discussed for a long time now but a lot of people lack confidence in UMA's production. I'm not familiar with them so I can't say much. I think they produced Ken and Janie's latest lakorn back in 2011 though. Kol Ruk Luang Jai? I loved everyone of Ken-Janie's lakorn but couldn't finish their latest.  Must be the production or I just completely lost interest in Thai lakorns. 
Anyway, pra aek is supposed to be a mafia.
P.S. HAHAHAHA. I'm just LOL-ing at some comments I'm skimming on Pantip right now. Some people say Chalida is too beautiful to be the nang aek in here since the nang aek is supposed to be plain looking. 555555555555555555555!!!!!! Hold on. I'm so bored I might actually read these comments. LMAO.


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I'm okay with Bomb ATM hahaha !!! He still needs work here and there but he's tolerable. He is totally adorable when he cheeses and his eyes goes all chinkyyyy ! Too adorable !

Fitting is suppose to be this month right ? That means we'll be seeing them soon. It's pretty much confirmed since they attended that event together ;p Like Val mentioned before, they do look like siblings hahaahah !

I'm guessing they'll have to make Chalida look real ugly cause she's you know...very beautiful lmao !!!

555555555 they're going to have to make her look like Matt in one of the pics P'Yui uploaded 555555 agahahahahahah !

I die with laughter every time I see this pic 5555

Cr: P'Yui ig


Bomb would be great as a mafia since he's in a action drama with Taew. Lol Mimt to beautiful for this. Lol. Mimt will look great.