[Ch3] Chat Chao Praya (Step Onward)


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I don't think I saw a thread for this lakorn yet. I only got the title, I'm unsure of the company production yet.
Anyways, it seems like they just had the fitting, because Tye was posting it on his ig account :) It seems to be a big cast!

only Tye's pics for now.
credit his ig.



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Pictures from the opening ceremony from weeks ago.

The boys

c: as tagged. More photos at their FB.

I'm curious what the storyline is?


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Yep, I know this lakorn, because Phet is in here!!! Hahaha, not sure if he has nang ek. Ohh, when he'll be the pra ek of the pra ek!


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^^ Thank you -Aylove- for sharing.
But I must say please refrain from hotlinking.

Hmm.. So Tye, Art, Phet, & ? are in here..
I'm assuming there might be 4 p'eks?

For sure Namfon will be a n'ek.. pairing with Tye for sure..
I wonder if Bow will be n'ek too or n'rai.. hmmm..
And is that Matthew Dean I see in the pics.. :scratchhead2:

more opening pictures can be found here:

I'm so happy PHET has more lakorn offers.. wheeeeee <3


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Tye, Art, AND Phet are in this?! Oh this made my day! Now, I'm sitting here grinning like a little retard. The guys are SUPER HOT! Plus, Namfon Patcharin is nang'ek and paired with Tye again? Plus, her boyfriend Art is in this. Man, I wanna see how this goes. I'm adding this to my to do list. ;)

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Namfon looks so different. I'm sure she got things done to her face.


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Awww, this lakorn's already out and I had no clue until I saw an MV on youtube. Started first episode and I like it a lot. All the brothers are such cuties :3

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Thus movie is out already!!! Its a nice lakorn!! It comes out mon to thursday!! And yes all four of them are pra ek!! Its in youtube!! If u want to watch it then go to psatanonair II channel this person has the lakorn. However, some parts doesnt work!