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Discussion in 'Thai' started by SuzieJ, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. Xiongurl26

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    I would think at least Got would have some place. That boy was in 3 top dramas for this year and nailed every darn role. Toey P. too! He is raking in some good ratings but I guess it is bc he is signed with Broadcast TV. However, Namtarn is too. This contract stuff is just too confusing.
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  2. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    100% agree
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  3. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    What day is their signing?

    Also, I didn't realize the girls were called the Furby Gang lol but yeah if Taew joined it too it'd be great. Still, I'm excited to see Chario and Boy & Toey together. It seems all the guys Mint is close with will be there. Boy, Alex and especially Bomb who is like her brother. From last year's signing, it seems her and Ken are close as well. Honestly, the only person who isn't close with Mint is Kao.
  4. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    yeah im super excited for Chario! We need a reunion but annoying ch3 is ignoring us lol and yeah Kao is a new comer at Ch3 so she still isnt close to many people there. Only people she seems the most close to are Great, Alex, Chippy, Diana, Kimmy, and Bella
  5. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    I seen Kao and mint on the ig working out together before
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  6. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    their signing is on Nov 18
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  7. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    Cr. to rightful owners
    Yeah this is my fave concept so far! The giant and the 2 little babies lol Seriously cute these 3 :)
  8. Oh my goodness! The outfits really are hideous! Lol
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  9. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    yeah they arent the best but im more into the actual concept lol so ill just ignore their clothes!
  10. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Omg so both Kao and Toey are same height? Omg I didn’t know... they’re so small! Really tiny.


    Why we haven’t seen Mew’s group yet? :( I wanna see her!!

    Wait, is chippy on the calendar?? I don’t know if I saw her yet?

    Gonna miss Miss Prang, the beautiful hardworking girl. When will ch3 recognize her? Kao has really earned love at ch3! Congrats! She’s already leading soon and already making covers on ch3 calendar. Happy for her. :D

    But Miss Prang who is as equally loved, popular and followed by fans of Thailand is not recognized yet. :sad6: My girl Pie too! Why I adore her!! She’s so cute!!!!!!:icon12::love:
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  11. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    Same im waiting the most for Great snd Mews group :sad6:

    And yes Chippy will be on the calendar! She will be at the cxlendar signing with Great, JJ, Taew, and Alek so im 100% sure she will be. Plus she is one of Ch3's own girls.

    Poor prang :( shes back to supporting too again i guess because she is casted in Nycha and Tono's lakorn
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  12. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Really sad for Prang. Why does she only stick to broadcast? She should be working with other companies too. She’s loyal to nong og lady who’s not really appreciating of Prang’s talents or looks, unfortunately. :(
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  13. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    well she is signed under broadcast so im not sure she can work with other places. i know PJ can but it might be different with Prang. She is way too gorgeous and talented to remain as a supporting character
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  14. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    She is very pretty and individualistic. Like seriously I can look at her and be like, yes girl. Lol. Aha compared to so many others. Idk what her real contract is either, but I’m sure she can with with other companies too but perhaps she’s just being loyal to broadcast. :/
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  15. est.jpn

    est.jpn sarNie Hatchling

    Can Ch3 just make two different version of calendars: one for their favorite celebrities and the other one for the 'actual' great side actress and actors who don't shine. Thank you! I see too much of Ch3's favorites. I want to see more of the actors and actress who deserves to be in the spotlight too.

    I miss seeing Mint N, Yardip, Pat, Rome, even Phet was featured once I wish he was added back into the calendars. Waiting to see Preem, Nycha, Namtarm, Chippy, Patricia, Diana F, and Yam in there? Hopefully one day, we'll get to see Prang, PJ, Got, Pear, and the rest of those who we never see.
    At least Ch3 let Ball, Wawa, Aom, Masu, Nine, Mai W., Nattawin, Puen, and etc shine.
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  16. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    i would so buy both if they did that!
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  17. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    Prang isn’t my favourite but whenever i see any of her photos, I stop to admire her beauty and I lose focus as for acting department she is quite talented.
  18. nalyli

    nalyli sarNie Egg

  19. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    vlcsnap-2018-11-01-15h02m08s513.png vlcsnap-2018-11-01-15h02m41s082.png vlcsnap-2018-11-01-15h02m25s701.png
    vlcsnap-2018-11-01-15h02m52s106.png vlcsnap-2018-11-01-15h03m03s523.png vlcsnap-2018-11-01-15h03m14s476.png
    (cr: jmajmameow)
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  20. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    Awww Mew, Boy, Alex R&T, and Great's group is cute!!!!!

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