[CH.ONEHD] Krungthep Mahanakorn Sorn Ruk (Exact - The Magic if Entertainment)


- Marina ♥
Some fitting photos (; Goshhh, New and Marie look so great together . They so hot & New is looking so fineee ;)
I am so loving their fashion sense!
Credit: the_stylemaker @ instagram




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WOW!!! Marie and New really look like Mischa Barton and Benjamin McKenzie, the actors that played the roles of Marissa and Ryan in the original O.C.


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lovestar said:
Marie and New kinda look like sister and brother to me. Especially their side profiles.
I thought so too... because they sort of resemble like bro/sis... I'm a bit iffy lol... even though they're not related at all.
Will give this a shot though... because Esther is in here... as well as my boy Hunz :D :D :D
I never watched the O.C so I don't know what to expect...


sarNie Adult
Wait so this is literally the Thai version of OC, as in Ryan, Marissa, Summer and Seth OC? Wow, what a flashback to my younger days lol. I don't know how they'll turn a series into a lakorn though and some of the stories I think are a little too much for the conservative Thai audience.
I think Marie looks more like a Summer than a Marissa.


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Let me say that Marie have gotten prettier the second she left channel 3 hehehehe. Just saying na, Marie always been pretty anyways LOL! 
Marie and Esther, both actress i like are now with exact and i hope exact know how to used them well...  :p  :p 


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When is this airing? The most exact series I'm looking forward to watching!! I wonder if its gonna be a normal prime time exact lakorn that airs monday- Thursday or the 40min episodes like Songkram Nang Ngam which airs fri-sat. The wardrobe in here is nice too


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Sukialen said:
airvdate February 21st , 2015
Really?!! YES!!!!!! That means its 40 mins long but its okay. BTW did they replace Tou with Mouse. In the bts pics, I always see Mouse with Esther


- Marina ♥
YESSSS! This is coming sooner than I thought! SO EXCITED!
Glad they replaced Tou with Mouse! This cast is so good looking.
Really love the wardrobe, too! Yaaaay! :D


sarNie Hatchling
dariey said:
esther look cute

cr esthersupree
I looked at this picture yesterday, saw Mouse and was like, "has he always been apart of the cast?" Haha. I didn't know Tou was replaced. Kinda sad but I like Mouse too :)
Airing this Saturday huh! This is coming so fast!


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I don't think its airing this Saturday bc there would be promotion of some sort and casts would have said something. I asked one of Estherfc and she said there hhasn't been a confirmation date yet


sarNie Hatchling
i hve got the info from pantip site ... look likes its wrong info, but I hope this will be on air soon ....

song kram nang ngm already end so any lakorn has to replace it.....