Career versus Love


sarNie Oldmaid
Have you ever experienced being asked to choose between your career and your relationship? Or do you know someone who went with this kind of ultimatum? Do you think having both is possible? Because some people in relationships are insecure in fears of losing their partner.

Though I never experienced being in a relationship, if there will come a time that I'll be forced to choose, I'd choose career. Oh wells over what ifs. My belief is that you can survive on your own and achieve all your goals because if you give them up for love, you will end up regretting of not chasing your dreams just because someone else made you choose.


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I'd choose career over love because I like stability. Doesn't the Hierarchy of Needs or something like that state that we desire stability before relationships? That and I really value independence. I'd rather be alone with my career than with someone who doesn't support and like my career goals.


.: Lady Huo :.
If one is lucky then he/she will have both but if given an ultimatum then it is good to choose career over love. If someone makes you choose between him/her and career then that person isn't worth being with. I read a quote that said something like "my partner may say - I don't love you anymore - one day but my career will not."

I like stability & independence too :). Also I like self of control & ownership, with a person I could not own or control his feelings but I can with my career plus if you work hard for that career then don't just throw it away for one inconsiderate person :).


sarNie Adult
lol It actually depends on the situation. I want to reason things out first and balance it also.