Buang rak - Pepper & Fang


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oh my gosh! all the sc look so good! i so want to see this one! ahhhh! pepper and fang looks so sweet together! :D ahhh almost like tik and aom...awwww i so want to see this...hehehe did i mention that already. anyways, thanks for the sc and summaries! :D


sarNie Fansubber
So here are summaries for Ep 6 to Ep 11. My Thai is limited, I only know key phrases and words--so if I'm inaccurate about something I apologize in advance. Please let me know so I can make corrections. Oh and I couldn't help myself there is a bit of commentary--so if you don't like that sorry about that too. otherwise, for those who haven't seen it yet enjoy the summaries! :D

Ep 6

After Fang’s mom yells at her for seeing a married man, Fang tells her the truth and that the this married man is only helping. She then tells her mom who the married man is. Her mom recognizes the name and recalls the happier times she had with Pepper’s father. She cries and looks at a picture of her and her children, more specifically focusing at Puri’s picture a bit longer (hint, hint).

The next day, Puri and Fang’s mom want Fang to quit her job (just when things are going so well for Pepper and Fang). Fang is heartbroken. She goes to work and regretfully tells Pepper that her mom has forced her to quit. Pepper is furious and refuses to let her quit. They both leave to go talk to Fang’s mom.

Meanwhile Pepper’s mom is jealous and sends thugs to go destroy Fang’s home. Puri comes home in time, but cannot stop it. He gets beat up himself. Both Puri and Fang’s mom know who sent the thugs. Puri is furious and wants to go get revenage, but his mom refuses to let him go.

Just as they are trying to clean up their home, Pepper and Fang come home. Puri is angry and forces Pepper to leave. Pepper won’t so Puri throws him out. Pepper hits the gate and breaks his arm. Fang takes him to the hospital.


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Ep 7
At the hospital, Pepper’s arm gets splinted and the doctor says he’ll be fine. Meanwhile Puri goes to Pepper’s house and makes a ruckus and runs into Pepper’s father. Puri yells and makes a scene, but really doesn’t accomplish anything.

Back at the hospital, Pepper is confused. He wonders why would him mom go after Fang’s family and what does his father and Fang’s mom have going on. Fang tries to comfort him, and they share a sweet moment (one of those where Pepper looks like he really cares for Fang).

The moment is soon over when Pepper’s mom and sister come in. Pepper tries to get her out, but his mom intervenes and figures out that she is Planee’s (Fang’s mom) daughter. Pepper’s sister slaps and pushes Fang around. At first, Pepper is held back by his mom and cannot do anything. He finally frees himself and helps Fang to leave, just as Pepper’s mom (I think this is what was said) accuses Fang’s mom of trying to steal her husband. Fang says she knows nothing about it (it is sweet though how Pepper does come to her recuse – slow at first—but he comes through in the end).

Back at home Pepper’s dad finally tells him the truth about Planee (Fang’s mom), his real love ( I think). At Fang’s home, Fang’s mom is reprimanding Puri for going to Pepper’s house just ad Fang returns. She asks her mom about Pepper’s dad. Her mom finally tells both Fang and Puri the truth about her relationship with Pepper’s dad.

That night, thugs (who were hired by Pepper’s mom) implant a stolen object (not sure what it is) in Puri’s motorcycle. The police come the next day and do a search. Puri manages to escape.

Fang’s mother decides to call for help from Pepper’s dad. Pepper’s mom has the servant tell her to come. But instead of meeting Pepper’s dad, she meets Pepper’s mom and sister. Fang’s mom figures out that it’s all Pepper’s mom’s doing. They argue and Pepper’s mom and sister beat up Fang’s mom (Fang’s mom puts up a good fight too, but is outnumbered). Pepper comes just in time to stop and help Fang’s mom leave.


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Ep 8

Pepper yells at his mom and tries to understand why she would do this. But his mom gives him the same argument that Planee is trying to steal her husband. She even makes Pepper feel guilty (ah the power of moms). Fang sees her mom in bad shape and decides to call Pepper to see what happened. She also asks Pepper over the phone to help her with Puri. She tells him what happened. But in the middle of their conversation, Fang’s mom interrupts and refuses to let Fang talk to Pepper further.

That night, Fang and her mom pack up to move. While she’s packing she comes across the flowers Pepper bought her and there are flash backs to their “date.� The next day they move. At their new house, Fang and her mom are having trouble trying to fix up the place. Just as Fang’s mom gives up, Puri shows up and they have a mini family reunion.

Meanwhile, Pepper and his dad show up to Fang’s old house. Fang’s mom’s friend refuses to help them. Pepper’s dad pleas with her to help, but she pushes his father and he doesn’t get up. Pepper’s dad ends up in the hospital and finds out he has a terminal disease (I think).

Back at Fang’s, both Fang and Puri try to help their mom sew her scarves. Their mom is so fatigued she cannot deliver the scarves. So Puri decides to do it, even at the risk of being caught by the police.


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Ep 9

Just as Puri is making the delivery he runs into a cop. He gets nervous and goes a different route, which entails him having to cross a narrow bridge. He has some difficulty and ends up dropping the scarves into the dirty stream. He is heartbroken and blames himself. His mom tells him to forget, but the truth is they are having a difficult. Fang sees this and decides to call Pepper for help.

At the office, Pepper and his dad are still trying to find Fang and her family. Pepper’s mom’s spy comes and overhears what they are trying to do.

While Pepper is in a meeting, Fang tries to call him. His secretary interrupts his meeting, but Pepper shoes her away. Then, Pepper realizes it might be Fang and answers. Pepper tells Fang to stay where she is and he leaves his meeting to see her (aww how sweet). Pepper’s mom’s spy follows.
Pepper and Fang meet at the park. Fang ask him to help her brother. She tells him it’s his mom doing. They argue a bit because (let’s face it) Pepper does have to defend his mom too. Fang gets upset and says that Pepper doesn’t have to help then. But Pepper grabs and holds her as she is leaving and says that he will help.

Pepper speaks with his dad and they decide to help. Pepper goes to see the police captain. They agree on something, but then Puri comes along and sees Pepper sending off the captain at his car, and Puri makes his own conclusions—that is Pepper’s trying to get him along with Pepper’s mom and sister.


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Ep 10

Pepper’s dad goes to see Fang’s mom. Pepper’s mom’s spy follows. As Pepper’s dad and Fang’s mom are talking, Puri returns home and tells his mom that he has seen Pepper talking with the police and that their whole family is in on it.

Meanwhile the spy sees Puri return and calls Pepper’s mom. They decide to call the police to arrest Puri. Just as Pepper’s dad is trying to explain that Pepper is trying to help Puri, the police show up. There is complete misunderstanding, and Fang’s mom slaps Pepper’s dad for having her son arrested.

After being slapped, Pepper’s dad cannot get up again. He ends up in the hospital again. Pepper is there when he wakes up and he urges Pepper to go help Fang’s family right away. Pepper goes to help, but Fang and her mom have already misunderstood him and push him away. Fang tells him to just leave her alone and that she hates him.


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Ep 11
Pepper goes home and yells at his mother. He figures out that it must have been his mom who called the police. Again, she gives him the whole “I’m the victim� excuse and plays on his guilt. She tells him she only wants to keep her husband.

Pepper is frustrated and goes to see his friend. He tells his friend that all the problems lie with the women he is surrounded by. His friend encourages (I think) him to go see Fang. So Pepper goes, but Fang only tells him to leave. He tries to make her listen, but she tells him she hates him. Hearing this, Pepper kisses her (awww…) Fang slaps him and keeps forcing him to leave. He just looks at her, so she pushes him and he graps and holds her (aww…go Pepper for literally holding onto what he wants). It looks like Pepper wants to say something to her, but Fang’s mom comes home and interrupts. Fang runs to her mom for protection and they both force Pepper to leave. He can’t do anything, so Pepper walks away (aww..)

Puri’s situation at the police station looks worst. Fang’s mom really worries and decides to go tell Pepper’s dad the truth. She finally tells Pepper’s dad that yes SPOILER ALERT!

She tells Pepper’s dad that yes Puri is his son. Pepper’s dad is furious, had he known she was pregnant he would have never married Pepper’s mom. Fang’s mom asks for his help in freeing her son.

Pepper’s father goes to see Puri, but Puri only yells at him. Somehow Pepper’s father pulls strings and at the end of ep 11 Puri is free. Pepper’s dad looks longingly at Puri (you can tell he wants to be a father to Puri). And so Pepper’s dad vows (I think) to make up for not being there for Puri.

Ep 12 preview: Puri still misunderstands Pepper’s dad. It also looks like Pepper’s dad is making changes in his will to include Puri, which does not sit well with Pepper. No preview of scenes with Pepper and Fang (darn).