Buang rak - Pepper & Fang


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Here are more summaries--again due to my limited understanding of Thai, there may be inaccurries--so please let me know if there are. Enjoy!

Ep 12

Now that Pepper’s dad knows that Puri is his son, he cannot stay away. He tries to see Puri and Fang’s mom, but Puri just gets the wrong idea and tries to beat him up. Pepper’s dad decides to change his will to include Puri. Pepper’s mom gets suspicious and has the lawyer send a copy of the will home. She reveals that Pepper’s dad has added Puri to the will. Pepper and May are confused and furious.

Meanwhile, Puri is getting a gun. Upset, Pepper goes to see Fang to ask questions, but she knows nothing. He accuses her of lying. They get into an argument and Puri shows up just in time with his gun. Pepper tells him that his dad has included him in the will ( I think).

A confused Puri tells his mom. She contacts Pepper’s dad. Puri is suspicious. Fang’s mom and Pepper’s dad meet. She tells him to stop whatever he is doing. He is only causing more trouble. Then, he reveals that he is terminally ill and will die soon. At which point Fang’s mom cries and finally understands that he just wants to do something for his son. They finally hug.


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Ep 13
Fang’s mom returns home crying. Puri tries to comfort and ask her what’s wrong, but she says nothing. He notices her purse and finds a number he remembers her calling. He calls the number and finds out it is Pepper’s dad. He misunderstands that Pepper’s dad has done something to upset his mom. He agrees to meet with Pepper’s dad.

Pepper’s dad is just so happy to hear from Puri, he goes to meet him. They meet and Puri brings out his gun to kill him. Fang’s mom realizes what’s happening and shows up to try and stop Puri. They struggle, but Puri frees himself and is about to shoot Pepper’s dad when him mom yells the truth. He reveals that Pepper’s dad is his dad. Puri refuses to believe it, but he is truly upset and leaves. Pepper’s dad suffers another one of his attacks.

Pepper rushes to his dad’s side. His dad reveals to him that Puri is his son too. Pepper gets angry, but ultimately gives into help his dad make Puri accept his dad (gotta give Pepper some points here too, though he is always misunderstanding everyone else, he does play the faithful son). Pepper goes to see Puri.


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Pepper tries to talk to Puri, but they end up fighting. Pepper manages to tell Puri that his dad doesn’t have long to live, and that all he wants is for Puri to go see him. Puri forces Pepper to leave with his gun.

Pepper’s mom and May find out about his dad’s illness. Fang’s mom tries to plea with Puri to go see his dad, but Puri refuses. Pepper shows up again and he ends up fighting with Puri. Still Puri refuses to go. Pepper reports to his dad that he cannot make progress with Puri.

Pepper’s dad decides to leave the hospital and go see Puri himself (you can tell that what everyone has said to him is having an effect, but Puri is too stubborn to admit it). Right at the end, Pepper’s dad finally shows up to meet Puri.


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Puri and Pepper’s dad talk, and after a lot of crying and explaining, Puri finally accepts his dad (much is said, but I’m a bit lazy to try and explain it all). Meanwhile, Pepper’s mom is furious with what Pepper’s dad has done (all the drama with Puri) and sets out on a plan of revenge (for both her husband and Puri).

On the Pepper and Fang front, they confide in their friends, but bottom line they misunderstand and know they cannot be together.

Pepper’s mom has thugs steal Puri’s gun. May tells her friend that Puri is her dad’s son. She happens to see Puri as she is driving by and tries to run him over. But Puri does pay her back by almost choking her and making her call him P’—or brother.

Pepper’s mom sets her plan in motion. Letters are sent to Puri and Pepper’s dad. It sets up a false meeting between the two at a deserted building. Meanwhile, Pepper is looking for his dad.


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At home, Pepper’s mom is awaiting the execution of her plan. Pepper goes to Fang’s home to try and find answers. She tells him the truth that she doesn’t know anything. Pepper accuses her of lying and is shaking her (physically hurting her I guess). Pepper tries to apologize, but Fang refuses to listen. Fang’s mom comes home and she tells her that Pepper’s dad is missing from the hospital.

Pepper’s dad and Puri meet at the abandoned building. Both are confused, but figure out that they have been tricked into coming there. Just as they do, someone closes the door and locks them in. The building is set on fire. Fang’s mom feels uneasy and calls Puri. They find out what’s going on. But it’s too late. Puri tries to find a way out, but Pepper’s dad is too weak to go. He ends up dying in the fire.

Fang calls Pepper and lets him know what has happened and that his dad is dead. Pepper, May, and their mom (she pretends to be) are furious and angry. They blame Puri. Puri blames himself.


sarNie Hatchling
sin said:
has this lakorn finish or what. how did end was good or bad. did pepper ever rape fang.
yes its ended, had a happy ending and no pepper did not rape fang...


sarNie Adult
It ended already...wow...I needed to catch up...so did pepper and fang get each other, I mean they are like brother and sister right since puri is pepper's brother.


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lidogurl said:
so pepper and pang never got married and pepper didnt get into an accident and become paralize...
Yeah it seemed that Exact changed a lot of storyline in the end..well from what i watched...i did not like much cause it focused too much to the parents relationship...so that why it got so boring in some scences...


sarNie Egg
Thanks for all the screen caps and summaries. My brother bought the Exact boxset for my mom and it was quite different towards the ending. There were only 13 parts in the Exact version and the screen caps you did had like 20+ parts. I guess Pepper and Fang never really got to be with each other.


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sorry...i had hoped to finish the summaries...but life happens...but i thought i should just clarify the ending. pepper and fang did end up together. they made up and fang came to understand pepper. anyways, they did not have much screen time together in the end. just a few scenes here and there. the series itself was much more about fang's bro and pepper's dad. it was a happy ending. all loose ends were tied up and they do end up together, just no major sweet scenes.