Aya's baby's father?!

Discussion in 'Japanese' started by ANTI-anti hmong, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. ANTI-anti hmong

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    Heaven's Coins is a really old movie, i know. but i saw awhile back and i liked the first season very much. i read the episode summaries online however and i was SO disappointed. It said that in the last episode Aya goes home to give birth to her baby. Who! Is! The! Father! ??? is it Shuchui or Takumi? Somebody tell me!!!!
  2. ANTI-anti hmong

    ANTI-anti hmong sarNie Egg

    i just read what i wrote and i realize that i am a bit vague. i mean that i was disappointed with what i read about the 2nd season and i want to know what happens at the end of that. Sorry for the confusing phrase of words.
  3. short_papa

    short_papa sarNie Egg

    hey, i want to know who the father is too! Anyone out there?
  4. short_papa

    short_papa sarNie Egg

    Hello? anyone out there who knows!? cuz i really need to know! and soon!
  5. pii-nky

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    omg! hold up! are we talkign about Ayumi?? ==i feel lame..haha
  6. Nameless

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    The girl in the drama heaven's coin. Yeah, when I first read the title of the thread, I was confused to.
  7. pii-nky

    pii-nky sarNie Juvenile

    Heaven's Coin... i've never heard of that drama? alright, im gonna have to check out around the thread for a review.
  8. Anika

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    Shuichi is the father. It is a really good series, but tragic ending!
  9. short_papa

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    can someone tell me what exactly happens at the end!?
  10. Jieb_Lover

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    omg.. you guys scared me i thought she really had a baby!
  11. Quarter

    Quarter Tell me about it.

    this is a good j-drama. i still LOVE it! been too long i forgot their names, all i remember is Aya. but i think it's Shuichi's baby. i complained over months who is the daddy, then i concluded myself that it's Shuichi's baby.
  12. mainhiathao

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