Aom & Sunny Bed Photo's Exposed Across The Net?!

Discussion in 'Thai' started by KhoOnxNouxWanxJai, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    Ok maybe the title is not exactly what it seems LOL but it's only bad if you think it's bad ;] LOL Bed Photos can mean lots of things :tease:


    "Aom Piyada Akkarasanee" use to be in the news about having a relationship with, "Sunny Suwanmethanon" frequently the person herself claims that they never dated and the were never close

    "He is someone that I know we don't really talk but before there were times where we talked some like people who knew each other and called each other to ask how the other is doing back and forth, but we don't really talk; now we there are times where we call and talk sometimes and tell the other don't be so serious and don't be afraid and don't think much about the news of going to watch and don't worry and don't be depress about it."

    And "Sunny" also assures that the Senior star is just someone that he knows thats all and never became extremely drunk over any break ups

    "I don't have any relations with her. From the beginning we were just people who knew each other. These days we use to know each other so of course we know each other am I right? But calling each other we haven't called. I am living as normal as I always have. We don't really talk much anyways. Every now and then once in a while we do because at that time there were news occasionaly so we talked some if not that then we wouldn't have talked because I don't get involved with others business (laughs)"

    The news quiet down and then suddenly reappearing again Aom introduces that she is getting to know, "Ardsara Jootaratnagon" and also there is news that they are about to be engaged; but then there are photos leaked looking like "Aom and Sunny." Cheek Cheek accompanying one another on a bed appearing close and intimate which opposes the interview that they once gave. The fact of how close they really are and is it the real person let "Aom" go and clear with Aard herself..


    Link To Article: Link

    *Sorry if some stuff sounds stupid and mixed up im somewhat sleepy lmao but I wanted to translate this; I know it's Aom as much as i love her and such a big fan im not going to deny thats her out of naivity like some people already has LOL If anything is wrong with it please correct.

    Translated By Me; Credited To Thai All Stars
  2. ohitsnoyyy

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    OMG... Aom can do sooo much better than him... :eek: That is indeed her... no doubt about it.
  3. Kayla

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    I've always thought they would be so cute together and these pictures prove it. Not sure what the big deal is. Every celebrity deny relationship involvement even Hollywood say the same thing...'We're not dating...Blah Blah" But next thing you know their pictured every where together. These are private pictures that have been linked, there's nothing scandalous about it. It's sad that with fame you can't even keep a part of you to yourself, but that's the price each celeb pay. Hopefully, Aom is not to bummed out about this and hopefully it doesn't affect her current relationship. Whoever linked these pictures is a coward. Now, I'm wondering if there's some more drama involved. Possibly Sunny linked the pictures because he's pissed at Aom?? :eek:
  4. tastesweetlove

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    they look cute together...they have some similar features too..but the title of this was soo funny lol
  5. 7270

    7270 7270

    i didn't even know they were dating. for some reason, i thought she was dating an ugly old rich dude.
  6. neena

    neena sarNie Adult

    this sure reminds me of the mam katreeya pregnancy thing when the media was guessing she was pregnant but then she denied it. later she did. lol. aom and sunny denied is years ago and now everyone knows they use to date. wonder what happened to them.
  7. max

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    I do not recall hearing this rumor in the past, but appearantly it was true? Haha... I think that a lot of actors/actresses deny their relationship with another actor/actress/person?

    No offense, but that guy is so unattractive :/
  8. mintwix

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    It's nice to know she was dating. I was kinda tired of hearing her claim that she was single and all that back then. :3 Yeah, I bet they were an item before if not now. Anywhos, these are cute photos, but gawd knows what those gossip reporters will claim.
  9. miss_aom_phiyada

    miss_aom_phiyada sarNie Adult

    this dude is ugly than her actual boyfriend, i think she can find a better man than him, but oh well.
  10. fun

    fun YGfamily

    It's normal! All normal!!! Whatever they did or did not do, it's their business. Unless you are Vanessa H, hahahaha what a dumb ass by sending nude pic of herself to someone she crushed on. LMAO what a way to get a guy's attention. I know old news. As long as their ain't those kinds of photo *amen*
  11. thai-lakorn-fan-forever

    thai-lakorn-fan-forever sarNie Oldmaid

    i didn't even know they had rumours together...but these photos aren't that bad at all; however, it does prove that they do know each other moreso than they let on...

    but aom looks young in these photos; maybe these are old photos?
  12. Thookatha

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    ooo, watch out, she's...wearing a green t shirt...with a hair clip. and oh noooo...even worse, he white t shirt...also with a hair clip. hahaha honestly, what to say? nothin'.

    there's not one 'promiscuous' deed or incriminating detail on here that will tell me she's gettin' it on with the dude. i'm not taking sides, but yeh, friends take fun pics like this all the time. and if she said they were friends, then maybe they were. this is not enough to characterize her.

    like someone said, if she came out pregnant and was linked to the dude in the photos, then that's another story. other than that, it's just two people in t shirts and hair clips, taking random pics. LOL

    it kinda sucks being a celebrity. EVERYTHING is turned into "SOMETHING"....good AND bad...ha...

    EDIT: oh, she was denying that they were even friends? ahaha i didn't read your post thoroughly enough, tina. sorry. anywho, that's very typical of celebrities to respond like that. hahaha
  13. chinkywinky

    chinkywinky sarNie Adult

    i remember this rumor between her and sunny a while back too and actually, i thought they looked cute together even though he's quite young for her?

    but anyways, the picture does prove they probably were closer then just friends but it doesn't show anything indecent. Just two people snapping away moments they once shared. :)
  14. tik_aom_luver

    tik_aom_luver sarNie Adult

    awww. i think they look cute together! but aom has a bf now
    so OH WELL!
  15. karen_moo

    karen_moo sarNie Adult

    lol. woooowww. so they're still denying that they weren't close or anything!?! WTH! loook AT THESE PICTURES! they tell us everything :D
  16. yaksoh

    yaksoh sarNie Juvenile


    nothing bad

    it seems as if they're dating
  17. Maya_Fantasy

    Maya_Fantasy sarNie Oldmaid

    Well there is only two peoples involved, so either Aom or Sunny leak the pictures, but in this case more than likely it's Sunny since Aom is dating and rumor to be engage soon and this pictures leaked is to ruin her reputations.
    Nothing wrong with taking such a close and intimated pictures, but what's damaging is the background pictures, especially bedroom pictures and messy hairs. ^_^
  18. soupansa

    soupansa sarNie Hatchling

    the media makes the scenario worst than it actually is. who cares! She's 30 years old and they're cute together. Maybe they don't want to share their personal lives with others when they can't even have their own privacy to shop or go out to eat or do whatever without being mogged by the press. it's not even that bad.
  19. soupansa

    soupansa sarNie Hatchling

    LOL not all stars look so glamorous when they're not on camera. i've seen stars who look way worst without makeup or not straighten their hair.
  20. mongstaness

    mongstaness sarNie Adult

    ummm yea, they dont match....

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