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  1. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo Guest

    when i was anime i rather watch sub over dub anyday .. becuase it seem like when it's subbed it's more like emotion in it .. this applies to all dramas too don't you agree?
  2. darvil

    darvil sarNie Adult

    I kinda agree. I used to watch only subbed anime and subbed drama (this I had no choice).

    But lately I've beginning to think some of the dubs are pretty good. I started thinking this way ever since I heard Trigun english dub and I thought it was quite good. These days I watch samurai champloo dubbed and its really good I think. But I haven't been watching too much anime lately so.. I dunno. I know I would prefer to watch most of them with subs though. :D

    As for dramas.. I definately prefer the subs.
  3. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    i like it dubb and if the anime is a COMDEY lol i think the dubb make the series even funnier hahaha ... like my all time farvorite anime seires is Ramna 1/2 .. OMG i love the voice of Shampoo .. i crack up everytime :p
  4. Muddie Murda

    Muddie Murda smile...

    I would prefer subs anyday...

    Dubbed.....I hardly watch those....I avoid them.... :D
  5. Hiatus

    Hiatus Super Momo

    SUB SUB SUB wanna hear their cute voice ^_^
    if i cant find it sub i go for dub ;)
  6. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

  7. Pee

    Pee sarNie Elites

    I hate dubbed anime and movies!

    So I say SUBS!!!! B)
  8. pii-nky

    pii-nky sarNie Juvenile

    i'd say dubbed! ahah... well, for some reasons is i hate reading the subs even though you hear the cute lil voices... but i hate to slip on my glasses just to read the subs. :wacko:
  9. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo Guest

    you know that study shows that if you read subs for movies and stuff your ability to read faster will improve a great deal hahah so it's good for those damn standardized test.. :p
  10. tg10

    tg10 sarNie Egg

    ^I guess that's the positive effect of it. I prefer subs too. I get annoyed when some people don't want to watch a film that's subbed JUST because they're too lazy to read the text.
  11. Muddie Murda

    Muddie Murda smile...

    I've watched so many non-eng movies/series that i'm sooo used to reading everything now.

    Even when watching american movies/shows, I turn on captions so I wouldn't miss anything they say. XD

    When they dont have captions...i go crazy...ok maybe not...but it BUGS ME... ^_^
  12. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo Guest

    i do that too!!!! hahahah i thought i was the onlyloser!! welcome to the club muddie hahah
  13. Muddie Murda

    Muddie Murda smile...

    LOSER? mofo! You're in the corner by urself there...

    ahaha i'm COOL!
  14. queeny_bee

    queeny_bee sarNie Juvenile

    I like subbed!! Especially hearing the low bass voice of the guys in animates!! lols. But dubb isn't bad, but i still prefer subs.
  15. goinkrazy

    goinkrazy sarNie Hatchling

    sub all the way! i dont know, i dont like hte dub version because the english voice actors arent that good. wen they speak, there jus like blah meanwhile the jap voice actors have more expression n emotion in them. makes it sound better and more enjoyable. especially durin an action scene, the jap version goes better with the scenes because of all the grunts and yells the japs do while in english they jus dont have as much emphasis.
  16. if-only

    if-only sarNie Hatchling

    I used to watch the dubbed one a lot but now i'm used to watching the subbed version more.... hehehe plus now a days it seems like i can't understand any english when i hear it... but i can unstand reading it though....
  17. JaM

    JaM 1TYM hwaiting!

    i know same here. since im so use to reading subs, even when i watch a movie in english, i would still put on the subs because for some reason i can't understand their english anymore lol

    and yeah, i prefer subbed anime over dubbed. hearing the original voices is always better. :D
  18. Kkrystal

    Kkrystal สุภาพบุรุษจุฑาเทพ

    I like both...but some of them are really good at dubbing voice. It suits the animation. Hehe look at dragonball z.... the japanese voice and the american voice don't different that much. Hehe except japanese is a little bit higher in pitch.
  19. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo Guest

    talk about spamming man hahah dorko
  20. Muddie Murda

    Muddie Murda smile...

    that's so true! it's like I don't understand their english language. hahahaha totally weird.

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