[2015] Our Time

Discussion in 'C-Series & Movies' started by cecilia, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. cecilia

    cecilia .: KHANG :. Staff Member

    I stood up and finished this after I saw a mv from Julie's FB feed .. story wise, it is somewhat reminded me of Little Things Called Love. I enjoyed it but not really love it like Oh and Baifern's version. Another thing I adore about this movie is Andy Lau and Jerry Yang :p
    Anyway, do watch it when you have a chance if you're into FIRST LOVE kind of movie :) 
    Synopsis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Times
    Watch: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3iy7h1
    Do let me know what you think ... 
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  2. aikoden

    aikoden ♥DREAMER♥ Staff Member

    LOL, stalker CECI! 555, j/k j/k.  I took a break on my hiatus and saw this post of yours ehehehe.
    I watched it during my winter break and I must say that I really enjoyed this film.  It had a great cast, I have a soft spot for Vivian and Darren now :3  Joe, Jerry, and Andy were a plus :D
    Because I saw Eddie/NiNi's Fleet of Time first, I was reminded of their film at times, especially like the skating rink etc.  Well, the films do take place in the same setting.  I enjoyed both none the less :)
    BTW, there was a chinese version of Bird's Ma Tummai? that kept getting played in the film.  Is it originally a chinese song? lol, I was never really sure. 
  3. cecilia

    cecilia .: KHANG :. Staff Member

    I'm not sure .. but I like Jerry's younger character .. he was an awesome hero! I fell for him over Mr.Aces lol
  4. P'SweetXin

    P'SweetXin sarNie Hatchling

    Omg loved this movie. It definitely had a similiar theme to A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, but probably better in my opinion.
    I also think Darren did a great job as the younger character. :):icon12:
  5. buroguhonyaku

    buroguhonyaku sarNie Egg

    Loved this film, so innocent and nostalgic.
  6. erinhang

    erinhang sarNie Adult

    This was a good film, but I still like A Crazy Little Thing Called Love more. The ost were good in here though.

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