13-year old boy becomes a father *Not A Father After All*


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i heard bout this the other day... n omg... >_<.. so shocking.. hes a kid himself... n omg... she shouldve known... ugh.. sorry but their relationship disgusts me ... ugh.... >_<...


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i don't know how anyone else feel about tis

but wen i freaking saw tat boy i freaking SCREAMED!
screamed becuz i was pissed out...i'm reallie mad...
both of them but more at the 15 year old...WTF!
and tat poor baby...our mommie and daddie don't even
know how to hold you...wat had tis world come to?


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they're both so young.

doesn't the girl know better?? wtf!!

she don't even know how to hold her own child.

is he sure thats his child?? poor kidd.
the kid looks so young himself; he's still a child, so how is he going to take care of that baby? that girl held the baby in such an improper position...they won't be able to properly care for the baby. she doesn't seem to take it seriously at all...


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disturbing, he looks like one of my 5th grader .. sad, sad ..


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this has been big news in UK ... the parents have been said to be helping out which i think is a good thing as they are both in school depending on when she is also 16 she needs to sit exams hmm... yeah its their life? who knows what is going to happen... he maybe a kid himself but my little 9 year old cousin has learnt to look after his sister when left on his own with her... im sure the kid can do the same? its all going to take time... she seems to laugh when he asked what is finance... not sure how that is funny... but that is how most state school taught kids are like in UK and he seems to be a little chav


Seriously omg that boy looks like 9 or 10...he is not cut out to be a dad yet...he's a baby himself...how da hell did this happend? I bet they were just playing she got horny and asked him if he wanted to do something fun with her. lolz
lol... i was thinking the same thing... XD

i heard that it might all be a scam. parents wanted media attention. seen it on yahoo today.
yeah... on the other hand, i was thinking that maybe the girl was using the little boy to make money out of this child she had... XD but anyways, we have different opinions/comments. im still gonna stick with my answer last time... i really hate the girl... XD


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I hope one of their parents will help care for the baby so that he could atleast see his 5th birthday being that his parents are babies themselves.


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Seriously there is 2 other boys she appently had sex with, This girl is just got a name for herself that poor kid thought he was a dad. Bless his heart. She's a nasty bit of work.