❤[CH3] Tukata Phee (Kantana Evolution): Top Jaron/Aom Sushar/First Ekkapong


sarNie Adult
Well in a ghost lakorn, usually the ghost is the most important character. Like in Sarp Poosa, I'd take Tanya's role over Ae's anyday and technically Ae was the n'ek.


sarNie Oldmaid
Not anymore, her contract ended so now she's freelance. She was getting backlashed but she explained that she had to go freelance to promote her business. Personally I'm glad cus I haven't seen a lakorn of hers in like forever. Ch 7 been giving her sucky roles.
Oh that's good for her! I see a lot of freelance actors are getting tons of work. The last time I enjoyed her lakorn was with Kelly, Mik, and Bow.