❤️[True4U] Secret Garden (Halo Productions): Ananda Everingham/Baifern Pimchanok


sarNie OldFart
Here is the official MV! Wow does the original version have this much crying in it? I think this was a romcom? But anywho, Ananda and Baifern look really good together! Can’t wait for this. I miss Ananda


sarNie Juvenile
This is currently airing, shouldn't this thread be "pinned"? But anyways, loved the Korean version, so I will definitely give this one a try. The Korean version was funny, and I believe that Thailand will make this one enjoyable... The pair isn't bad either and I am kind of glad that the same guy from Full House (Thai version) is being used again...


sarNie Adult
Not bad so far. Not a lot of Baifern yet.


sarNie Egg
I adore Ananda Everingham! But I've never seen the Korean version of Secret Garden and I'm not a fan of the switching bodies trope. Ananda is one of the owners of Halo Entertainment. They've produced a lot of the Kdrama remakes.


sarNie Juvenile
If this is a switch body. Isn't it like Yaya and Barry lakorn where he's a cop and she's an actress switching. What's this story about


sarNie Adult
It dragged for me. I stopped watching, and they hadn't even switched bodies yet. I couldn't even continue watching this for Baifern.