❤️[ONE31] Wanthong (The One Enterprise): Mai Davika / Pong Nawat / Chakrit Yamnarm


sarNie Egg
When will ONE31 stop using Pong as the main guy with all the younger leading ladies? Wish Mai was paired up with someone more suitable.


sarNie Oldmaid
Mai seems to have found the most success at this channel. I like Pong and Krit but they are much too old for Mai, unless her love interests are supposed to be a lot older than her according to the plot.
let's organise a prayer union for that girl. I mean you have greasy Pong + neglected-looking Chakrit (can't say they are shining actors) together as your onscreen partner... sure girl couldn't have been even more spoiled *of course I am sarcastic*


sarNie Adult
LOL at Chakrit's character description being fat and ugly. But yay, can't wait to see this and the beautiful costumes! Finally Mai is in a project with a storyline that I'm interested in. And her character sounds challenging from an acting perspective. She's decent in comedy, but I wanna see how she fares in full-on drama.


sarNie Adult
Mai is so gorgeous!! Finally she's in something that I'm interested in to watch. There is so much potential in this script, looking forward to it. Also, Chakrit looks good again, I think he's been working out.