❤️[ONE31] Nee Sanaeha (The One Enterprise): Nus Nussaba / Noona Nuengtida / Ice Paris / Pete Thongchua


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Ice looks like such a baby....

Is it a noona relationship....I feel like it should be...nk should be older than pk cuz you can see such a differents


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If this indeed an adaptation of Artit Ching Duang (Aom in Noona's role and Nus in Nok Sinjai's role), based on what I've read on its thread here.

There seems to be minimal romance between Noona and Ice (played by Nut in the original). I think this is consistent with quite a number of Exact/One31 dramas. Case in point the recent "Talay Rissaya".
The drama's gonna be more focused on Noona and Nus, as seen in the posters themselves. And looking at the promo, the women seem to be vicious here and the men seem to be weaklings. Again, seem to be in line with the network's past dramas.
Noona's role will turn out to be the biggest n'rai in the drama. I'm actually excited to see this, coz Noona seems to play goody-goody roles a lot. And based on the trailer, she seems feisty towards both Ice and Nus. I just hope that her being an n'rai would be out of reason, as many posters complained about the illogical storyline of ACD.


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Pilot episode rating is at 1.3. This is the worst pilot episode rating for a One31 drama that airs in the M-Th 2010H timeslot this year (and the worst for any episode in that timeslot since "Luk Krung" got a similar rating back in 6/6/2019).

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^ I'd say anything below 2.0 on that timeslot in 2019 is bad. What's worse is that "Game Ruk Ao Keun" is just 0.1 behind this (and typically One31 dramas have twice the rating as GMM25's).

Now if this were in "Songkram Nak Pun"'s timeslot, this is a decent pilot rating.

On the flip side, I think ratings were generally down yesterday for Channel 7 and One31. Anyway, I think this has time to recover if One31 does a marathon of their dramas over the holiday season, and do the same programming tactic that they had last year.


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Episode 2 Her mom gets hurt :(, the leads meet face to face again, and she meet her dad (She doesn't know yet that he is through).


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It depends on the genre and how it clicks with people....

This is not appealing to me....
I'm reading comments in Pantip that Noona is the odd girl out here, coz the other girls are all glammed up - Nus, Lilly, Namfon and Pymmy. Even the p'ek is more beautiful than her. Haha!

I think this is a grower. I just need lots of catfights here hahaha. And less dumb n'ek moments. This has same director as "Nakark Keaw" and "Reuan Mai Majurat" so I have some positive expectations.

And it's strategic of One31 to air the marathon a night before the resumption of regular programming.


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I decided to watch this one this past weekend. Can't say I really like it or something but I love Ice so I had to check it out. It's not too bad so far. I really like the chem between Ice and Noona. It's definitely there imo. The story line is a typical catty story line between all of these women as well and it's a bit annoying and some of their reasoning are dumb but there'd be no drama in a Lakorn without it haha.

Going to continue watching and hope for the best!


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I like it lol. They’re cute together and the storyline is so typical nam nao haha gotta love it. Lily is really pretty in here. I think looks wise she outshines Noona but Noona is doing a great job!! Her and Ice are cute. Didn’t think he could act but he is pretty good lol has he played in anything else? Noosaba and Pim look so young still lmao they’re eye candy too shoot! Lol


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I'm catching some clips in IGTV and looks like this is getting a bit more spicier. Nus' affair with Pete was uncovered, looks like something happened to Tom, and there was something like a election in the company board.

And I think the TV ratings agree, as it's slowly recovering. (Though it's still below 2.0, which is actually the case with the past dramas that aired at this time of the year - both Mai dramas). Focus just needs to be on Nus and Noona.

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Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Wait were pete and nus married and praeak their child????????? Cause nangeks father asked doc if he was married after seeing his ring and about his wife