❤️[ONE31] Hua Jai Sila (?): Tor Thanaphob/ Fernynop Nopjira/ Ann Sirium/ Ben Raviyanun/


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
เพราะหัวใจเป็นของเธอ - Yes'Sir Days
Get You Out - Atom x Maiyarap
พูดไม่ได้สักที - Yes'Sir Days
หัวใจของเธอ - Bie Sukrit
ความเงียบดังที่สุด - Getsunova
รู้ดีว่าไม่ดี - Getsunova feat. Youngohm
หัวใจของเธอ - Tor Thanapob
ระหว่างเรา...คืออะไร - Da Endorphine ft. The Parkinson
รักเธอคนเดียว (ONE LOVE) - Nat Sakdatorn
เกลียดความรัก - Jiew Piyanut (New Jiew)
พรุ่งนี้ค่อย... (CHEATDAY) - Pop Pongkool
Revolution - Da Endorphine × TWOPEE
คนเดิม - New Napasorn (New Jiew)
Microphone (ไมโครโฟน) - CD Guntee & Dawut
อยู่ตรงนี้เสมอ - CLASH
เพื่อเธอตลอดไป - Porsche Chalisa
นี่แหละความรัก (This is Love) - Peck Palitchoke


sarNie Egg
Episode 21

Tor and Min's Dad
Tor, you know don't you what you did to my daughters? I know. And I also know that no matter what words I say i'll never erase what I already did. (He wai's to him) I'm sorry. I'm saying this because I want you to know that once you already do something whether intentional or not it might bring consequences to yourself. Or the people you love. Whether intentional or not I ask that you have sense because from now on it's not just you anymore. Yes. Please take care of my daughter. Because you're the only person who knows what Min has been through. And the most important thing that I want to ask of you, is please don't make Min suffer more than in the past. Alright. I'll take care and protect your heart the best I can. I won't make the same mistakes again. Because Min is my heart as well. :icon12:. Thank-you. I'm the one who should thank you. (He wai's to him again)

Min and Tor are walking and holding hands he has her bag to (I think she is trying to let go of his hand but he won't let her :lol:. Tor. Let go. I can walk on my own. Why? The road is dark. I'm afraid you'll fall (Oh my :lol: ) Let go. I can walk. Hey. I'll drive. You're hurting. I'll drive. You can go sit. No. It's my car. I can drive. It used to be mine. I'll drive. (OMG these to :lol:) It's my car. Let me drive. (they are now holding hands) Why are you so stubborn? You're the one Who is stubborn. (Kwan) Pretending to protect Min. But you're the one who will hurt her more than me. The end. (OMG Min and Tor in that promo :icon12: )
Thank you so much for the tanslation. Without you , nothing would make sense. You put in lot of work for this . Thanks a LOOOT. :love: .