ann sirium

  1. Anonymous<3

    ❤️[ONE31] Hua Jai Sila (?): Tor Thanaphob/ Fernynop Nopjira/ Ann Sirium/ Ben Raviyanun/

    One31 is going to remake Bie and Fang's lakorn. Cast is still unconfirmed but Tor is rumored to be pra'ek. cr: thaidramatic_update I'm pleasantly surprised to see Tor in a one31 lakorn. He's mostly done idol series for GMM25 so this role and genre will be a nice challenge for him. Plus, he'll...
  2. M

    [Ch7] Sanaeha Maya (Gao Neung See Entertainment): Ann Sirium/Sammy Cowell/Kelly Thanapat

    Ann Sirium's first project as a producer for Ch.7. Sammy and Kelly will star together for the first time. Dear lord why him?!???? It's a cheewit lakorn so another challenging role for Sammy. I'm so sad. Why Kelly? Give him a father role.    แนะนำละครใหม่ 7 สี "เสน่หามายา" ผู้ผลิต บริษัท...