❤️[ONE31] Boss and Me : Push Puttichai / Aom Sushar


Expired Sarnie
Alright finally a foreign remake with leads that are easy to watch. I swear all the Kdrama, Cdrama and Jdrama that they had remade, one of the biggest issue I had was the pairing. And if the pairing was to my liking, I didn't like the directing lol


sarNie Oldmaid
Looks like there was some boo-boo in GMM25 programming chart over the weekend wherein they showed "Boss & Me" premiering on the 2130H timeslot.

There's some discussion over at Pantip that this might air indeed over at GMM25 instead, as a weekend drama. ("The Comments" is said to run for only 5 episodes and will be replaced by "Irresistable".)



sarNie Oldmaid
Anyway, I just find it weird that is airing just a few months after another boss-related series for Aom. (And currently, there's also "Oh My Boss" on WTh timeslot.)

And speaking of Aom, she's got too much exposure over at GMM25. "Girl2K" and "Mr. Lipstick" aired back to back on the WTh timeslot. There were even talks that her drama with Lee "Irresistable" is in the running to air on weekend timeslot.


sarNie OldFart
Gosh, her voice. When she speaks normal it's fine. When she tries to sound cute it comes across like someone is pinching her nose. And from the teaser she is trying to sound super cute than normal. I actually like this drama but Aom's voice will make it so darn hard to enjoy.


sarNie Oldmaid
So looks like its supposed premiere last Saturday didn't push through.

I'm seeing some posts in IG that this will air on June 12th instead. But some comments in Pantip suggest that this will air instead on One31, as originally planned.



sarNie Coma
Oh wow, it get's get pushed, but thanks for the info.


sarNie Oldmaid
Looks like this is once again in One31's roster



`my dragon's blood is blue`
Oh wow this is finally airing lol

I tried watching a recent Aom lakorn but I can't get over her high pitched voice.

Her ps is also distracting. :confused0: