1. S

    ❤️[ONE31] Boss and Me : Push Puttichai / Aom Sushar They just had the blessing ceremony today! This is a remake of the Chinese drama called Boss and Me. I really loved that drama. However, I’m kind of annoyed that Aom is the female lead. Wish the female lead...
  2. Baubai

    Toomtam Updates!?

    Toomtam is filming with Jannine Wiegel!!?? WHAT!? What are your thoughts!? I'm actually super excited! They're such a cute pair!!! What are some updates on Toomtam!? I am not Thai so it's really difficult to find anything in English on Toomtam! So far, the things I have searched and caught...
  3. Maricon

    What if Thai celebrities are freelance?

    Do you think it is a good thing? Or are there disadvantages too? For me the advantages of being freelance is that you can work with any actors and actresses and you can appear in any networks. Some dream pairings may even come true. Would love to know your thoughts and understanding about...