❤️[CH7] Song Naree (Pordeecom): Min Pechaya/ Thanwa Suriyajak/ Great Supol


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I’m trying to finish it with eng subs, but I have to wait for the uploads. I’ve watched some clips of it raw. Idk exactly what was said at the ending, but I think I’ll be satisfied with it. Idk how to do the spoilers tab, so I don’t want to say anything to spoil it for ppl who are still watching.
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Min did a really good job here. I felt like she lost her spark in her acting over the last couple of years but she's lively and nuanced here. She did a fantastic job distinguishing herself between Neung and Song. Both were portrayed vastly different and both were well done. I skimmed a bit of Anne's version and both versions had a very different feel to it. The first version had a more light hearted feel and Neung was more your typical villain trying to kill her twin. This version was a lot darker and the director and the writer definitely tried to paint Neung in a more sympathetic light and you understood kind of why she turned out the way she did. For the first half of the lakorn, I can describe Neung as not a bad person, just horny. Then she found out she had a twin and turned a bit evil but she wasn't evil like I'm going to murder my twin but rather she tried to steal her life, at that point she was bad and horny.

I liked the portrayal of Song, she was gentle but she wasn't going to let people walk all over, I'm glad she fought back with Neung at her engagement and with her cousin Yai. She wasn't a damsel in distress but she stood up for herself when she had to and she owned up to her feelings to Art. Art was kind of a useless p'ek. For a cop he certainly was dumb most of the time and slower than everyone else. But thank god he smartened up right before he almost slept with Neung. I liked Yingyot a lot more than Art, he was a better guy and had more personality. I swear Thanwa gets the worst p'ek roles, he always gets whiny and idiotic roles where he spends so much time being a stubborn idiot. The relationship between Song and Art was nothing, like gee whiz they end up together, so what?

Glad the aunt came to her senses and made up with the mom. Both had valid arguments for their mutual dislike of one another but the mom wasn't that bad. She was just young and stupid but she wasn't a bad person. From the fitting pics and the overall promotion of the lakorn, you would think that Great Supol was going to be a big part in this lakorn but he was downright useless and annoying. Pol Poolpat definitely overshadowed all the men in this lakorn. Yingyot was such a sweetie, good for him for walking out on Neung and living his life, he deserves better. Please don't give Great p'ek roles, he does not look the part nor does he have any screen presence.

For the most part it was well done, kind of boring at times but they've established the point of the lakorn nicely.
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