❤️[CH7] Song Naree (Pordeecom): Min Pechaya/ Thanwa Suriyajak/ Great Supol


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Even if Push wasn't freelance, onehd/gmm doesn't restrict their actors as much when it comes to working with other channel. Hell, Nike and Toomtam is working with Channel 8 which is mostly RS artists.


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When nike and toomtam accepted outside work it was before their contract was up I think. It might be the same case with Gam. Her contract hasn't been renewed yet and she has been working outside of the channel. However, alot of artists at GMM/One/Exact has said that the elders aren't as restrictive and allows them to work outside the channel as long as they talk to them. Like, Gun Napat, he recently accepted work with a different label with Khun Boy's permission. Grammy is letter their artists get exposure outside I suppose.


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No Min is not freelance. She still with Ch7.

This lakorn is ch7. If the news is truth it be Push first time lakorn for ch7. I don't know if people known this, Push is a freelance actor. Its just that he mostly work for GMM and One31.
I see. Not a fan of Push, but good for Min to be working with someone new.


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I stop watching lakorns for like over a year or so then when I started again, Nike was at ch8. Heard he went freelance or something then I heard Toomtam went freelance recently too. Kangsom didn't renew his singing contract with them but I think he still has acting contract. I don't see Gun or Gam not renewing theirs since Exact does a lot for them. I like that exact doesn't put restrictions on their celebs but then again it's not like they have so many lakorns to keep all of them busy. I'm really impressed with GMM25, their lakorns may not be my cup of tea but they have roles that challenged their casts which proved their acting skills are superb.


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This seems to be true, pordeecom doesn't explicitly accept the news, but doesn't explicitly deny either. I think it has something to do with Push not being 100% confirmed. It is in the talks phase with Push right now, From the places I am reading they are talking to a "Independent" pra'ek which is Push, but things can change. Min seems to be pretty much confirmed. This is the only article I could pull up regarding this, but I've seen more. Gotta look deeper.



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Idk how I feel about ch7 remaking this... cuz I don’t want that Boran vibe... I want a more modern vibe lol ch7 seems to turn everything very country-ish or very very very old school.....song naree isn’t like that

And min?? She butcher bst horribly.... and no, don’t wanna see her play twin lol


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Just waiting on news for this. I’m not really a big push fan like I was in the past but this is something totally new. Would like to see Min pair with a new face. Honestly, I would like to see how she’ll look with Mik??? :confused12: Although I’m not that big of a fan of him either. Lol. Just wanna see her with someone new, that’s all.