❤️[CH7] Poo Bao Indy Yayee Inter (Pordeecom): Weir Sukollawat / Stephanie Auernig


You.Me. +Lakorn= buddies
Beautiful pics. Just wonder...they just filming it or not yet? Heard that Weir have another 2 lakorns beside this. one with Thisa and (sorry i forgot her name)
They already started filming last year already and still in making right now. So I'm guessing this will air mid year.


sarNie Juvenile
This looks like some slapstick fun.
The thing I love the most about Weir is that he doesn't take his macho manly image too seriously. He really seems to enjoy doing these type of campy comedies.
Also he seems to like to dip his feet in all sorts of genres like action, thriller,romance and comedy. His last SHJ was mix of action and romance....others he's filming are also a mixed bag of genres. Its good he's not limiting himself.
I only wish I could get my hands on his movie Malila, The Farewell Flower.


sarNie Adult
Ep 1 hooked me , it’s very good,funny and cute , I really enjoy watching. They all are not overreacting. Can’t wait next ep:).Wish I can watch it with eng sub